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Need 2 new tyres for front - recommendations and speed rating?

Agent_Trig Apr 12, 2011

  1. Agent_Trig

    Agent_Trig Member

    I've been on Blackcircles.com and they give a price of £141 (each) for Continental Sport Contact 2 fitted - these have a speed rating of Z.

    What speed rating do I need? As these were the cheapest that came up within the Z rating category.

    Are these tyres any good or should I be looking at something different?

    I dont drive excessively hard and 85% of my driving is on motorways so reduced road noise would be nice because at the moment the budget no brand tyres that came on my car are quite loud.

    Just seen some Toyo Proxes T1-R's for about £94 each - are these rated any good as its a good saving over the Continentals.
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  2. Harrelson

    Harrelson Member

    1. Get premium tyres.

    2. Speed rating is important if you plan to go on the Autobahn but is also a useful indicator of the quality of the tyre so get the highest you can afford.

    3. I have continental sport contact 3's fitted (£145 each at audi) and the ride has been transformed. It came with hankooks which id rate as 2/10 overall. Car feels more precise in my hands now, less tyre roar and killed the understeer on tight bends.
  3. cooky19

    cooky19 Shiny S line Quattro

    Hi Mate try Camskill got GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC £112.00 inc vat. I've currently got them on my Audi A3 S line TDI Quattro and they are far better than Pirelli and Dunlops which I've had before, another forum member recommended them speed rating wise W or Y you could go V but most tyres of that size come with the first two ratings. The Goodyears are very quiet. Toyo's are a good tyre for grip but don't offer the mileage due to the soft compound. I've had Conti sport contact 2's on my wifes corsa VXR and they were useless, very expensive but **** in the wet. Hope this helps any other help just drop me a message.
  4. Agent_Trig

    Agent_Trig Member

    Funnily enough I've always used Camskill in the past when buying tyres for my FTO. I'll check out those Goodyears. I know what you mean about the Toyos though, I've had them on the FTO in the past and yes, very very grippy but needed replacing too often. Those were the T1-S though and not the T1-R so wasn't sure if it was just a model or brand thing.

    I'll check out the Goodyear's though, thanks.
  5. a9503128

    a9503128 Guest

    I would always say stick with the original rubber, Audi know more about the right rubber for the car than you or I. Re Blackcircles.com, etyres.co.uk etc are known now so the good deals have passed. I phoned around locally (west London) and quoting the best online price etc but Bracknell Tyres beat them all without been pushed!! I then phoned merityre at Sunbury and we could only get with-in £15 of best but they are only 1 mile away.

    Anyway I paid £215 for two 225 x 40 x 18 dunlop sport maxx tt.
  6. Minstadave

    Minstadave Member

    Just because a tyre is selected by an OEM doesn't mean its the best tyre, they'll be fitting whichever they can get the best deal on that doesn't ruin the cars handling.

    Camskill can be a good place to source tyres but remember to include fitting/valves/balancing and disposal costs. I find blackcircles is usually cheaper as they're all included and much more convenient. With Camskill you have to have the tyres delivered, find someone who will fit them, get the tyres to them etc. whereas with blackcircles you pick the tyres and garage online, turn up and have them fitted.

    I recently changed my tyres to Continental CS3s XL, front 2 for £120 per tyre from blackcircles, the had a puncture and had a mobile fitter out, same tyres for £130 each, but didn't have to go to the garage which was nice!

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