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Nearly New S3 Price question

CptMorgans Jul 8, 2013

  1. CptMorgans

    CptMorgans New Member

    Hi all,

    Currently deliberating between placing an order for a new S3 or buying a nearly new one.

    I have two nearby, both registered late 2012, Sportback Black Editions S Tronic (approx 6k miles on both). Both are up for just over £28k.

    Are these realistic prices? What could I offer?

    Dealer has already quoted me on a new S3 (Approx £38k with options) if that makes a difference.

    Many thanks for advice all.
  2. XFi

    XFi In need of a V8.

    To be honest I wouldn't bother and I'd say it's crazy to be spending that amount of money on what is a very dated platform. You could save about 8k on a used S3 that is slightly older with the same options. Vag offerings are priced far too high compared to the rest of the market offerings.
  3. Ironborn

    Ironborn English...not so good

    For that amount I would be chasing an RS3
  4. Sevv

    Sevv Pushing the limits..

    id just get the used one mate with 6K on the cloak and ur saving 10K (personally i think) its quite allot of money to be spending on a car id be picking up a used one and can probably mod it to stage 2+ or 3 and still would end up cheaper then a bloody new one...
  5. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    Same position I were 2 years ago. Decided and bought a brand new one only because they were giving amazing discounts that made it same price as nearly new cars with 4-5k on the clock. Otherwise yes 1 year old is bang on unless you can get 7-10% dealer discount.
  6. Bullys3

    Bullys3 Member

    was going to say same could get rs3 for around them prices
  7. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    38k for S3 is a massive extortion. I paid 30k for well specced brand new S3 BE S tronic. Can you not stretch for RS3 then?
  8. geefunk1978

    geefunk1978 Well-Known Member

    Just remember with the new model coming out, the old 8P will drop it's value like a sinking brick.
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  9. Morells

    Morells Active Member

    3 options I would go for.

    1 go for a second hand S3 and take it to stage 2/2+

    2 go for a RS3

    or 3 go for a TTRS :wub:
  10. CptMorgans

    CptMorgans New Member

    Thanks for the replies all.

    It certainly isn't an easy choice. My local Audi dealer isn't budging on a discount on a new 2013 S3. Going to see what he can do with the used price.

    Also been offered a cracking deal on a new Mk7 Golf GTI. Well spec'd 5 door getting almost 3k of list price. £28k on the road. Just to confuse matters even more.
  11. Louay

    Louay Well-Known Member

    i thought these special cars held there value well, more so than other manufacturers? I have a 62 plate S3 Sportback, Racing blue mica, 600 miles on clock, every option and buckets which IMO are far superior to the super sport seats in the 8V S3 and Revo'd to 300bhp for £33k with 10% discount so....value drop like a feather not a brick?

    View attachment 17846
  12. geefunk1978

    geefunk1978 Well-Known Member

    I'm just going on my experience. I bought an 11 plate BMW 1 series M Sport diesel just before the new shape came out and it lost money like there was no tomorrow. It lost £10k in 1 year due to it being an 'old model'.
    Even if it is a special car it will still shed it's value quicker when a new model is released.

    Personal choice I guess buying an end of line model.
  13. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    8L S3 prices stayed strong despite the release of the 8p S3 so that would suggest 8p S3 should be stable when the 8V hits the roads.
    I fact vanilla 8V have been kicking around for a few months now and I havent seen a dramatic fall in 8P values. Has anyone else??

    Besides, 8P S3s now range from 12-28K which is a differencet price point to the 8V S3 so these cars will be attractive to differrent people with completely different budgets.

    To the OP- How long do you intend to keep the car for? Could you not go for a PCP?

    I did this last time, it meant I didnt have a wedge of cash tied up in a depreciating asset and kept the payments sensible(ish) as I was only paying the depreciation with no intention having the car beyond 2 year.

    And as already mentioned, because its a new car, discounts on RRP and finance rates can be had that are not available on a used car. So depending on how big your deposit is, your payments on a new car can be the same or even less than lightly used stuff.
    With PCPs you also have a quaranteed future value that protects you from having negative equity at then of the term.

    Depending on your circumstances PCPs can be an excellent way of getting into (and out of) desirabe new cars.

    As for BMW residuals, I got burned badly on a nearly new 3 series.
    If that was anything to go by then you need to be VERY careful when pumping cash into a new(ish) BMW.

    320d MSport (Fully loaded)

    New configurator price - 37K
    What I paid at 10months old - 23K
    What I sold it at 20months old - 17K

  14. CptMorgans

    CptMorgans New Member

    Thanks for the reply PaulAr.

    I have seriously considered a new S3 (8V) however once spec'd how I want it your talking upwards of £38k. I'm just not willing to pay that on a new car at present even though the PCP figures were affordable. If the dealer would knock something of the retail price I'd maybe consider it but they are not budging.

    Had a chat with my dealer today about the S3 Sportback they have at present (Oct 12, Silver with most options except folding mirrors I believe, 4k miles). They are looking for £27750 which seems consistent with other dealer S3's within 100 miles of me. A couple located in Edinburgh are sitting 1k less so I'm going to ask for £1500 off as a starting point, see what happens.

    I've got a Oct 11, BMW 320d M Sport Plus m8 with 12k on the clocks. I bought it 6 month old for £23,500. They offered me £16250 against a new S3. Makes me cringe :)

    CptMorgans Trackday Channel - YouTube
  15. Gareth_RS3

    Gareth_RS3 Member

    If you have a look drivethedeal & autoebid are offering good discounts on the 8V S3. I was in the same position as you and ive gone for a used RS3. But there are good deals to be had on a new shape S3, especially with the strong residuals the only thing is your looking at at the earliest january delivery which was too long for me
  16. essIII

    essIII Active Member

    Way off topic, but I'd love to see more pics of an S3 in that colour!!

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