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ne Audi 19" Black edition rotors with almost new tyres

JamesS4cab Aug 12, 2013

  1. JamesS4cab

    JamesS4cab Well-Known Member

    19" Genuine Audi rotors 5x112 Et43 8.5J
    Fully refurbished inc powder coated fronts and barrels, and then diamond cut lips with excellent tyres.

    These have done approx 300 miles since they were fully professionally refurbished so are in immaculate condition. The tyres are:
    2 x Falken 452 (225/35/19) - not seen the tarmac
    2 x Conti Sport 5 (225/35/19) - 6.2mm and 6.0mm.

    Pictures below:
    (genuine Audi centre caps now fitted)

    There is one tiny nicky on one lip that can be seen in this picture:

    The lips have been lacquered as they should be and there are a few tiny spots where the lacquer has come away - so small i couldnt actually photograph then - just wanted to be 100% honest.

    Looking for £1500 for these given the are all but immaculate and the tyres.

    Thanks for looking.

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