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Naviplus and CD Changer problem

Pat Mar 7, 2010

  1. Pat

    Pat Member

    Right i have a 2001 s had S3 which looks like its had naviplus fitted at later date along with phatnoise..

    Couldnt get on with phatnoise so sold it on.. I brought a standard 6 disc changer.. When i plugged in 10 pin round plug to changer i found its been hacked into..

    So at one end (Boot) i have a round pin plug like


    and into the rear of naviplus there is a thin plug like this


    I want to replace this lead.. BUT there also seem to be other wires connected to the plug, going somewhere else.. looking at diagram on naviplus you have wires for cd changer and line out wires..


    What do these do and where can i get another lead from..
  2. Cockney Boy

    Cockney Boy Member


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