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  1. Ianmanchester

    Ianmanchester Member

    Hi, my factory fitted Navigation Plus (a6 q 4.2 '99) is having problems with the navigation. The verbal commands 'turn right', 'In 100 yards' etc is coming out all garbled. Its as if the voice sample has become corupted. Any ideas on a fix? she can say 'your route is being calculated' without any problems - but thats about it.

    Does anyone know if the voice is stored on the CD - if so maybe if i get a new one that will fix the problem, or maybe I need new firmware?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Quattro_Ollie

    Quattro_Ollie New Member

    I had a similar problem with mine (also in a 99 4.2). I change the CD to a 2007 (bought from telatlas) and it works ok now except for a flicking screen from time to time.

    I am considering changing the whole unit for an upto date system from the newer S4 etc. :undwech:

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