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Navi Plus on a 2002 S3 - Few questions

Ronburgandy Jan 13, 2010

  1. Ronburgandy

    Ronburgandy Taking it back OLD SKOOL

    Hi everyone,

    Right a few questions about my Navi plus double din unit!

    I have a 2002 s3 with full Bose and a Navi Plus unit,

    Its got one or two features that I dont know how to work or can get working properly at the moment!

    Im sure its been put in afterwards by the previous owner as I can see its def been out before and I dont have a manual for it in the owners book!

    The nav worked fine, got me home ok,


    *The cd changer only recognises say 3 out of 6 discs in the changer?

    *It wont eject the Navi disc from the front anymore?

    *It shows a TV function on the button but do I need some extras for this to work?

    Ive heard a rumour that you have to use vagcom to set up codes and clear setting etc for changing the units is this true?

    Any help you have is greatly appreciated!



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