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Naughty driving experience day

andy tdi130 Oct 10, 2010

  1. andy tdi130

    andy tdi130 New Member

    Was invited to test drive the new S60 Volvo D5 round the top gear test track today, fantastic weather for it.
    They had a number of events lined up, first off was to drive against the clock around a set course round cones, came 4th only due to slightly loosing my way!! think i was the only one to rev it to 4,000 with the brakes on for the best flying start!
    Next stage was a Flying lap of the actual track used by top gear, for this I was driven round by a racing driver at speeds you would never have imagined a Volvo would go,( even though cornering was very flat it still felt like the door handles were louching the floor!!) even he said its great they have now made a drivers car.
    We posted a 1 minute 31sec lap.
    Next up was a section called 'Chase', from a standing start you floor it up to about 55mph then go through
    a set course of cones approx 20, turn round and head back, the good bit is after you start a real police car ( T5 estate) has to wait 7seconds before he chases you, if he catches up you loose. My brother had a turn at this and won, all others in our group lost.

    Next stage was induced oversteer were you drive at 40mph then turn sharp right just as you enter a water section and lift of the accelerator peddle so the back of the car swings round. ( great fun)

    They also demostrated the safety features such as collision avoidance, driving up to an inflated fake car at 20mph, the car slams the brakes on itself if you dont.

    We drove to the Top Gear test track today in my brothers Boxster S. To be honest I have to say that I would rather have the Volvo, better inside, more comfy, fast, good engine note, every extra.

    My God Volvo have come a long way!!
    Look it up on U tube to get the idea.
  2. jolly14

    jolly14 Member

    Hi Andy,

    Sounds like a normal day driving around london but sounds like alot of fun.

  3. handfore

    handfore New Member

    Hi Andy! you did have a lot of fun and excitement. The wonder about this car is how it slams the brakes on itself if we don't. Hope you'll post again and share our fun filled experiences.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2010
  4. Nutkin

    Nutkin Member

    Meh sounds like a day at the office for me :-/ Except mine are 5.0l V8s :p

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