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Natwest compensation

Ghost Jun 23, 2012

  1. Ghost

    Ghost Booooooo!

    This dont affect me but on the BBC this morning they was saying Natwest will give compensation to the customers that accounts was distupted.

    listen to Money Box on BBC Radio 4 @ 12:00 if you need more info
  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    both me and our lass are natwest customers.
    internet bankings frozen. tax credits havnt gone in yesterday. a cheque for £140 that our lass paid in on tuesday still isnt showing. dont know if my wages are going to be in on monday or not.

    so my account is showing just £35 the same as it was on wednesday.
    our lass attempted to pay for £40 worth of petrol on thursday and couldnt even tho there was plenty in her account.

    my dads lent me £100 tho.

    but if your having trouble then go into a branch, theyve been dishing out up to £300 in cash to customers who have money in their accounts or who should have had their wages in in the period the trouble's been happening.
    branches are open today and sunday to do this.
  3. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    Right cock up! I heard that the last thing said at Head Office on Tuesday night was "oh look, someone has left that socket on...tut tut....."
  4. shariain

    shariain Well-Known Member

    Heard they are blaming someone for deleting a file that caused the problem.

    Why can't they just admit they were being hacked and shut the system down because of it to fix the security breech. That is a lot more believable than one file was deleted and it caused all the problems across the whole natwest/Rbs banking group. If one file can cause this much problems god help us when the hackers do get in.
  5. jaylin

    jaylin New Member

    It seems likely that the problems (for Natwest at least) began when they started to split the accounts that will be taken over by Santander. There have been problems for weeks with transfers between Natwest and Natwest/Santander accounts. They even updated the mobile phone app recently because there was a problem with that as well. They have recently updated their online banking websites as well. I think this is no small coincidence.
  6. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    It's ok, all sorted:

    [h=2]Stephen Hester, the chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, will waive his bonus this year following the computer systems failure which caused disruption to millions of its customers.[/h]
    That's ok then.
  7. willowsdad

    willowsdad Sideways

    You can phone up and get emergency cash via a code into a cashpoint, but make sure it's in your account. As you can imagine lots of people are trying to cash in even though they haven't really been affected. Fraudulent claims are going to be reported as they are discovered. And when you phone up to complain please be nice, it's not the person on the phones fault, and it might be my mrs which means I get it when she gets home!

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