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'N88GGY' 2002 Noggy Blue S3 Build Thread

slydog18 Dec 28, 2012

  1. slydog18

    slydog18 N88GGY S3

    So after being around for a while I thought that it was about time I started a build thread as I have some plans for this year, funding permitting.

    As some of you may know I own a 2002 Noggy S3 225 BAM that I got in March with only 59,000 miles on it. Here is a couple of pics on my drive from when I got it, sorry about quality:-





    I bought the car as a little present for myself for my 40th and was looking for a private plate to invest birthday money into when I came across the plate 'N88GGY' on DVLA for £255 so I had to have it !! Here it is on the car at GTi International 2012:-


    I then was looking for some deep dish wheels and came across some Dotz Mugello 17" with stretched Yokohama Parada Spec 2's like new for only £400 so I slapped them on in time for Inters. Yes I know the car badly needs lowering now but I am still deciding whether to go Air or Coilovers with Static+ as I use the car quite a lot and it catches some humps as it is:-


    Whilst at Inters I got Andy from LVS to fit a forge 008 Diverter Valve and Stage 1 Revo map:-


    Here was my run times before and after the map over the 2 days (first time up 1/4 mile for me):-


    I now have a Forge FMIC Kit, Relentless V3 Manifold, Downpipe and 200 cell Cat to go on and have a used Milltek Cat back system coming down from Pat off his Stroker'd LVS S3.

    I will fit these along with a Badger 5 TIP, Heatshield and Cone filter that I am going to order next week and at the same time I will do the N249 Bypass as I have yet to get some hose.

    Then I will get the standard Revo Stage 2 Map to get it going a bit better.

    Before you all shout that I should get a custom map I was going to change the Con rods in my block and go down that route but have decided to save the money for the rods and put them into a Stroker build that I am going to during the course of the year.

    Here is my plan, Please feel free to comment as you see fit so I can adjust for the better:-

    Buy a second hand AGU engine so I can utilize the large port head (any block is fine isn't it?),
    Buy an Integrated Engineering Bring your own crank 2.1 Stroker Kit with Rifle Drilled Rods and Decent Bearings,
    Buy a TDi Crankshaft and get it Lightened and balanced (might just get new due to reports of bent ones),
    Buy a GTX3076R Turbo Internally gated, Manifold and fitting kit,
    83mm Head gasket and Engine build kit,
    Bore out block to 53mm for pistons (or what is required),
    20mm Steel Wrist Pins,
    Ported Large Port Head Refurbished with New Guides, Supertech Valves, double lift springs and Titanium retainers,
    Performance Timing belt kit with Metal Water Pump and Integrated Engineering Manual Tensioner,
    Buy a Badger 5 Inlet with Large Plenum or an Integrated Engineering one,
    Larger Injectors (please advise which size),
    Uprated Fuel Pump (please advise which one is best),
    Larger or Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator,
    Single mass Flywheel and Paddle Clutch Kit,
    Fit my BAM (or new) VVT bits to AGU head,
    Larger MAF (Please advise which would be best),
    Make custom inlet,
    Cranckase Breather Oil Catch Can,
    Get custom downpipe made (will Milltek cat back be ok or should I also get 3" system done at same time?),
    Custom Rolling road tune,

    If I am honest I am a bit scared of lag due to me living in Luton and working in London so I have also been thinking about twin scroll turbo, just not sure if there would be that much difference for the grief.

    Along the lines of non-turbo work here are other mods I want to carry out:-

    Porsche Boxster S front Calipers with 323mm Leon Discs,
    Eibach Anti-roll bar kit, front and rear,
    Fully Polybush car,
    Suspension drop, not sure whether Air or Static+ at the mo,
    Deep dish 18" rims, was looking at 3SDM 0.01 but I, and others I know, reckon they will be done to death in 2013,

    Please let me know if I have missed anything as I am just writing this off the top of my head :) and anyone like, Andrew A.L.D., that does the head/block work please let me know on a price. I can get an AGU engine only with Inlet Manifold for about £250 delivered but obviously would prefer not to if people that do the work have them already :)

    Hope this all goes to plan but I am a bit of a dreamer and the house needs things doing to it LOL. Still.......the house isn't going anywhere is it !!??
  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Good write up so, will look forward to reading more as you go along. :) x
  3. jay1

    jay1 Member

    Hi nice car. Where abouts in Luton are you from? I'm from houghton Regis
  4. Birdy

    Birdy Member

    forgive me if im wrong and i dont want to clutter your thread but i thought the BAM head had the big ports and valves?? sounds like a good plan mate alot more than i have planned for this year lol. ps what did you do with the old wheels from your car lol just thought id ask hahaha
  5. MUSH

    MUSH MUSH Developments Ltd.

    Nice motor! Spacers required aswell...

    BAM is small port head
  6. cecilthesausage

    cecilthesausage ...It's Never Finished...

    Also very deep pockets..... As well as spacers.....lol
  7. Sam_

    Sam_ Down under

    Wouldn't go internally gated based on other people's experiences (ask Tuffty) but otherwise it looks to be a good spec :) Kinda where I'm heading. Nearly there :)
  8. SamDoby

    SamDoby Member

    Sounds really good!! Will keep an eye on this!! As above you i think a lot of funding will be required!! :)
  9. slydog18

    slydog18 N88GGY S3

    Thanks All for the feedback

    I live in Farley Hill Area but not I am not from Luton :)

    I still have them but one is cracked. Probably gonna refurb them in black and polished and use as winters.

    Already have some paid for, just waiting for him to take them off his car!! :)

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