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  1. Paddya3turbo

    Paddya3turbo Member

    Right guys got a new front mount inter cooler off eBay £179 !!! Tried mock fitting so I know exactly how it's going in when I do it in a couple of days but for some reason it only has a takeoff from the turbo for the dv valve and there isn't one for the n75 like there is on the standard ????
    i do have a threaded brass nipple I could put on it but not sure I should try going into the alloy pipe or the silicone connector joining the pipe ?

    Anyone got any ideas ?

    Itrm number for front mount 200769051948
  2. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    it's somewhere in the FMIC thread mate, I did a write up about it.

    YOu can screw the brass nipple into the alloy pipe just fine, drill it out, wind it in and it'll cu tit's own thread, then just seal it with chemical metal.

    I've done this on loads of setups for people and never had a problem with it :)
  3. sideways steve

    sideways steve Member

    Are you talking about the pipe that comes off the turbo and sweeps across the bulkhead the forward and down beside the radiator ? Does your kit have a pipe to replace the exisitng one then ?

    You can feed the N75 valve from anywhere on the hotside of the turbo but teh closer to the turbo it is the better really. I would fit a nipple to the actual pipe if you can and not into a silicon joiner.
  4. Paddya3turbo

    Paddya3turbo Member

    Right got it ! Cheers lads ! Where will I get the chemical metal ? Only got a halfords near me in Twickenham
  5. boost-addict

    boost-addict Well-Known Member

    yer jb weld dont buy putty, use the liquid (in tubes)

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