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N249 mechanical malfunction, testing my patience

Craig Cull Apr 1, 2014

  1. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Well-Known Member

    Hi all! First of all, I've tried everything before posting this thread so it's not a "standard" tear in the diverter valve. Please read on....

    Since I did the the k04 build, it's been a process of illimination tying up the loose ends. I have vagcom and keep ending up with the same fault codes which iam happy are all a result of the same thing.

    Boost pressure control valve (n249)

    Mechanical malfunction - intermittent

    P2261 - 008

    Boost pressure regulation

    Control range not reached

    P0299 - 002

    Mass air flow sensor (g70)

    Implausible signal - intermittent

    P0101 - 008

    I have replaced the air flow sensor, I have tried 2 brand new revision D diverters, (one of which had fallen apart in the flange) and have now gone back to my forge diverter (fmfsitvr) where things have got worse. Now it try's to stall when pulling up to a junction even with the hardest red spring and a full service kit installed. Could I have a wiring issue? Or am I just gonna end up going mental over this? I want it fixed because I'm a perfectionist, but in all honesty, with the rev d in, it seems to run fine but still throws up the fault codes, so clearly it's not.

    Any help or advise would be much appreciated
  2. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Well-Known Member

    Once again, solved this myself. If anybody comes across this problem in the future, a very hard spring for the forge diverter when running more than 24 psi of boost should sort the problem. Still no solution as to why the n249 code came up but I will update as and when I clear the code and it no longer returns.

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