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N249 bypass on bam

Rs6mick May 13, 2013

  1. Rs6mick

    Rs6mick New Member

    Hi people I have an 02 plate s3 with a bam engine and looking at the guide on here for doing the n249 bypass I'm a little lost as I only have one pipe running from the inlet manifold area I haven't looked to see exactly where it's coming from yet but on the guide it says there's one pipe coming from the inlet manifold one from the n112 and one from the dump valve and basically all these need to be joined with a t piece if I'm correct can someone please tell me how to do this on a bam

  2. Pabl0

    Pabl0 Member

    You have a pipe going to the N249 gubbins and a pipe coming from the N249 gubbins that goes down to the inlet.

    Basically all you need to do is remove the N249 and connect a piece of silicone pipe from the top of the 'dump valve' (recirc valve!) to the inlet nipple. No T-peice needed on BAM/AMK.

    Edit, by remove i mean remove all pipes and the plastic chamber and leave the N249 connected electronically and tucked out the way..


    This image shows you what i mean by a single tube, although i'd route it differently and not in blue pipe!
  3. Alex C

    Alex C Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi S3

    the N112 valve is part of the SAI system which is found on the APY engine S3. The AMK and BAM engine S3's do not have SAI which is why you only have the single pipe.

    As above, its as simple as running a pipe from the inlet manifold to the top of the DV. The rest of the bypassed pipework can be removed but leave the N249 connected electrically
  4. stuart_tate41

    stuart_tate41 Member

    Looking into doing this, I think that leaving the valve in the bay looks messy. I've read you can use a resistor. If I chop the plug off and solder that in place will it cause me any problems?

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