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my11 S3 hesitation under hard acceleration...

mojo555 Oct 3, 2010

  1. mojo555

    mojo555 Member

    Normally from 3rd gear through to 5th occasionally i get a real bad hesitation and not just a slight one it is almost like the car in kangerooing, i have had this problem on and off from new but thought it would just bed in.

    Car is on about 8 weeks old and about 1300 miles, i will book it onto audi next week as this is the first chance i have had as been real busy at work, but was wondering if anyone else has had anything similar??
  2. pluves1

    pluves1 Active Member

    I've had a similar problem with my S3 - see this thread


    I hope it isn't the same problem as it took forever to get it sorted. To be fair to the dealer they did end up replacing other parts on the car as well (on the instruction of Audi HQ), none of which resolved the issue at first.

    New cylinder head and valves seems to have done the trick though.:ohmy:

    I'll be updating the thread once I have a list of whats been done to my car.
  3. mojo555

    mojo555 Member

    well they couldn't find anything wrong the first time, the problem gradually got worse so took back in on wednesday and they kept it for a couple of days, i spoke to the tech who was dealing with it and he said he took it out late wed afternoon and the car was horrible around 2.5k revs more noticeable in 6th...Anyway thursday after speaking to some tech guys in milton keynes they replaced the spark plugs, i have been away in it yesterday and it is like a completley different car, more crisp better acceleration.. so hopefully problem solved

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