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My views on the s3...

vetch Apr 13, 2009

  1. Scottynic

    Scottynic Member

    its all about opinions at the end of the day! LOL
  2. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    I was just conveying his opinions as everyone is quick to say how poor the handling is as standard on the S3 when it isn't as bad as most make out!

    If people are stepping down from another car with fully customised suspension then yes the standard S3 setup wont feel as good but for anyone going from a bog standard corsa/fiesta/focus etc, the S3 will feel solid.

    I've driven a fair few hot hatches with standard suspension and the S3 is up there and does not handle like "a boat".

    Obviously the P1 is a fair bit quicker and a completely different beast but my mate said that he found the S3 handled as well as his P1, that's his opinion. I've never driven a P1 so I cant comment.
  3. ianysm

    ianysm Active Member

    I think the S3 will be abit more secure and safe than the P1. Less feel and feedback as a result but i doubt it would be as fun at all. Perhaps his expectation of the S3 was abit low so he was supprised how good it was.

    I find it great at about 7/10ths but ask any more and it gets abit understeery and ragged.

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