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My TT...

jb0o May 9, 2014

  1. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Hi all,

    I haven't been on the forum properly in a good while.. I've recently came back from the USA where I was travelling for 3 months and I've been getting settled back into a new job and getting myself another Audi!

    This is my 4th Audi and the first one that isn't an A3. Before I left for the US I sold my A3 2.0TFSI which was an incredible car, but was costing me way too much in fuel as I was travelling 80miles/day for work.

    During my retrofit work, I got to experience a number of TT's and I've always had a soft spot for them. They offer an excellent balance of an involving drive mixed with the great build quality of an Audi.

    Anyway, here she is.. a MY2009 2.0TDI 170 Quattro...


    She's got a decent spec list on her too.. Auto Lights, Electric Folding Mirrors, Bose, iPod Kit, 18" Optionals.

    I've had the TT for 2 weeks now, and I'm loving it. The diesel isn't as involving as the 2.0TFSI, granted, however this is made up by the Quattro and 50mpg!

    Looking forward to having a good tinker with it and becoming more involved in the forum again!

    Jonny x
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  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Absolute fantastic car. I hope you love it as much as your A3's . Look forward to nearing more about it Jonny. :) x
  3. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Thanks Sandra!

    It's going to be tough to love it as much as the old A3, but its going in the right direction.. only time will tell!
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  4. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    Looks like you got a good spec there. Nice looking car, hope you enjoy it

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