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My TT 03 225 Coupe, possibly up for sale

p1tse Oct 2, 2008

  1. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    Subtle but in my opinion required mods ;-)

    has the following mods, exlcuding wheels (almost £2.5k worth of goodies, excluding wheel & fit, spray, labour etc. so well over £3k's worth):

    03 TT coupe
    avus silver with red interior (best colour combo as looks most modern and fresh)
    heated seats
    bose stereo with 6 cd changer
    47k, recent service and cambelt
    best spec for the 1.8T with the added bonus of the following:

    rrp price from
    BMC intake 220 ttshop
    Blue Flame Exhaust 450 ttshop
    Neuspeed shortshift 130 awesome gti
    Swoosh Boost guage in vent 100 estimate
    R32 arbs 300 estimate
    Vagcheck Stage 2 remap (265-270bhp) 350 vagcheck
    Forge DV 95 ttshop
    V6 rear valance 30 ttshop
    symetrical rear white dot light 70 vagparts
    osir orbit ring 50 ttshop
    total above 1795
    *exclude fitting etc.

    v6 bumper with LCR splitter 610 ttshop
    *excludes fitting, fit, spray

    19" oettingers rzs split rim (think rrp these are £500+/corner)
    rim just refurbished (i.e. not spokes)
    metal audi centre caps
    eibach 15mm spacers for rear
    longer bolts and locking bolts for rear with spacers

    current pics:


    pic with 18" rstt's:

    If interested email: p1tse@hotmail.com

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