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My trip to AMD

A3simon Feb 3, 2007

  1. A3simon

    A3simon Active Member

    Well i spent 11 hours driving down due to an M6 closure. Thats 500 miles each way to get my coilovers fitted, a remap and Haldex controller.

    What can i say the car is totally transformed the way the power comes in is addictive and the handling is Phenomenal.

    Ill go into more detail later as im off to bed (shattered) and some pics
  2. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Good trip then.
  3. roadrunner

    roadrunner Member

    Bought yourself something for the weekend eh? :)

    Excuse my ignorance but what exactly does a haldex controller do, how does it work and what are the benefits... and may I ask the cost?

    Have fun
  4. garypaul

    garypaul Member

    Sounds like the horrendus trip was worth it :thumbsup:
  5. A3simon

    A3simon Active Member

    Right basically i have been looking at remaps for a while and deamed AMD to be one of if not the best option due to it being live mapping rather than a generis map. Ive been in touch with Jo at AMD for a couple months waiting for the opportunity to go down and get stuff done. I decided to get the coilovers and haldex at the same time and was given an excellent price for all.

    I was well looked after and they even offered to arrange a hotel for me but i sorted my own. I arrived at 845 and handed the car over then sat for 5 hrs in the waiting room and it seems like i read every magazine there.

    The remap

    Due to me having the milltek and carbonio already on i was expecting slightly more than quoted. It has gone from 204 bhp to 253 bhp which shows the huge difference between rolling roads i was previously told i had 238bhp before the remap. The torque went from 210 lb/ft to 264 lb/ft and all i can say is its like a different car the power is very smooth yet it pushes you back in the seat. Also alot of fun using the midrange on the M6 on the way home to scare the bmw drivers lol


    I had the KW V2 coilovers for a couple months but was unsure whether to fit them or sell them. Im not sure of the exact height they are at but it looks just right. (pics to follow)

    The haldex controller was spur of the moment after Jamin Ben said it was an excellent upgrade to go along with the coilovers. I couldnt agree more with that the car is awesome in the bends now you can push it as hard as you like and it just sticks it also doesnt understeer any more on the power as the backend comes around with the power similar to a RWD motor. Both the coilovers and haldex controller have changed the way you drive as you dont have to backoff mid corner to bring the rear around.

    All in all it was well worth the 1000 mile round trip and £150 on fuel i would even say id go all the way back if i wanted more stuff done.

    Big thanks to AMD job well done :applaus:

    Oh and i was playing with my mate in his new focus ST and he couldnt touch me i was pulling away in every gear and even passed him at top end so im over the moon. Considering i was falling behind him before the remap.
  6. A3simon

    A3simon Active Member


  7. C_Audiboy

    C_Audiboy Vroom Vroom

    The remap sounds great, anything around the 250 mark I'd be well happy with!

    Good job there Simon, it looks the business. Like you say, just the right amount of drop I think, how much lower is it?

    Do you feel the ride is compromised much because of it?

    How much did you get the whole lot for, I'd be interested myself.

    So many questions :rolleyes:

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