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My Stock Vs. Stage 1 (APR) S3 on the Dyno

Aviry Dec 8, 2012

  1. Aviry

    Aviry Member

    Hi All,
    My name is Omry, kind on new here. i live in Israel and own a 2008 Manual S3 for about 3 months.

    few weeks ago i had a chance to dyno it as stock before i started to "Play", and this week, after Flashing to APR Stage 1 and driving it for about 200km i counldn't wait and went back to the dyno.

    car has no hardware modifications, stock (G) DV, Sweating PCV and i even belive the stock filter needs a change, but hey, numbers are good so why complain?


    New PCV and revision D DV are on thier way, also Stage 1+ dyno very soon.

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