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My S8 is being AMD'd

S80PMC Jan 21, 2004

  1. S80PMC

    S80PMC New Member

    Thought i'd let you all know, that my S8 is booked into AMD next Friday (30th Jan) for a Re-map, Milltek Zorst & 4 wheel alignment check (just to be on the safe side).

    I've got my fingers crossed that they can squeeze her power up to 400bhp & thats what we're working towards. The re-map will also remove the 155mph speed limiter.

    Have a question about this gearbox adjustment/re-map i've read on here. The one that eliminates some of the gear change delay. Will this somehow be adjusted due to the engine re-map or is it a totally seperate ecu?

    Second question, has anyone else on here had the above work done (re-map & zorst) & if so, what differences did you experience (sprint, top-end, fuel consumption & general driveability etc.)

    Final point as an update, i did investigate getting the lowers (front, back & sills) colour coded in Avus Silver & in fact, had the car booked in & left at a very reputable local bodyshop whilst i was on holiday in December, but sadly after they investigated fully while they had the car, they realised that the sills are in fact bonded & therefore to provide a high standard finish, i would have needed to replace the sills. The price for these form Audi, nearly £2,000, so i decided to scrap the idea & top marks to the bodyshop for declining the work, as they were not happy they could provide me with a perfect finish, without replacing the sills.
  2. S80PMC

    S80PMC New Member

    Cheers, that has answered my question. Mine is a late 2002 & one of the very last produced (think they called them the Anniversary edition), so it has the later tiptronic gearbox, with the PRNDS configuration. I did not think it was that slow, but had seen word on here of an upgrade, so was curious what that involved & what benefit would be given.

    Guess i don't need to worry about that anymore then.

    I'll post a report on how the car feels, post re-map & zorst. I'll have the run back from Bicester to Wigan on the Friday & a hoon out with about 18 TT's on the SUnday, so that should give me plenty to report about.

    I'm just hoping the transformation is noticable (zorst will provide a slighter more throaty sound & look a litle more substantial while still remaining slightly subtle).

    My previous car (225 TT Coupe) had the Jabbasport treatment & that provided over 50bhp power gain, which in a car that size gave a total driving & performance transformation.

    Fingers crossed that i'm impressed with the modifications.
  3. Matthewbaldry

    Matthewbaldry Member

    Well its very honest of the bodyshop to say so however I am perfectly happy with mine. Remember we are talking about the sills here its not as if you are going to be doing your hair in the reflection.

    I may well have to get the spray work on my sills redone because they may be replacing them as part of the corrosion work, but I am not sure if I will need to yet. My point is I wouldnt hesitate to get them done again it made such a big difference to the look of the car, it also allows you to clean them properly as the black plastic never comes up that clean.

    Your car should be awsome after it comes out of AMD.
  4. Oliver67

    Oliver67 New Member

    I'd be really interested in how this upgrade to the S8 went. I have a 2002 model and would like the same. However, I asked MTM if there was such an upgrade and they said it was impossible to extract any more power out of the S8 as it was naturally aspirated. Not sure who is correct.
  5. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member


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