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My S4 Woes

angryant Aug 11, 2007

  1. angryant

    angryant Member VCDS Map User

    Ok thought I should share my S4 experience so far!!
    This is a long post so apologies now!!
    Might make up for my previous non posting and only prowling.
    Owned said vehicle for 8 months now.

    Traded in my A4 3.0 Quattro Sport, previous to that I owned a 1.8 Turbo Sport (best ever), no problems with either car.

    Initially everything was fine, until after a month or so I started to hear a different/ additional noise from the engine, also I was a bit unhappy with the clutch, pedal would sometimes stay depressed would only return to normal position by lifting and pumping the pedal, booked car in and the resulting diagnosis was secondary pump !!! (whatever that is) which was replaced under warranty (minus car for two days) clutch diagnosis ok.
    Noise still there, tried a different dealer this time, diagnosis alternator bearing which again was replaced under warranty (minus car for another two days) also clutch was reported as fine.
    Two weeks later while driving to work changed down at a round about and the pedal stayed down (never to return)!!
    Could'nt change so just drove to my nearest dealer which fortunately was only 500 yards away.
    6am in the morning parked up in dealers forecourt phoned in AA (Audi Version)and they send out an independant breakdown service (arrived at 8.20am)!!!
    Anyway got a loaner a6 diesel, took them 4 weeks to resolve the problem (resourcing spares)!!
    Initially they diagnosed hydraulics, turned out the whole clutch was shot including flywheel, thankfully all covered under warranty!
    Got it back on the friday, what a difference the new clutch had made! Stopped at my local shop Saturday to get a paper (yes I'm in the Sticks no deliverys here) and the bitch would'nt start!!
    Phoned Audi **** assistance and the bloke that turned up asked a couple of questions then straight away put her on a recovery vehicle !
    (My nearest Audi dealer is 126 miles away)
    Coil pack failed and had blown the main fuse!!
    Got the car back on the Friday, they had to order a coil pack as no dealer had them in stock ( thats another week minus my car)!!
    I was aware of this being a previous problem especially with 1.8 engines but thought everthing had been resolved.
    Thought I should share this with you all as I have cleaned loads of info from this forum without putting any back.
    I am now on my second day, having the car back, no problems so far, touches napper!!
    Oh yes more importantly car has full service history 1 previous owner and has 26,000 on the clock.

    Thanks for a great forum, reminder to myself must post more often
  2. Niknak

    Niknak Member

    Gutted for you mate, fingers crossed this is the end of your troubles then, keep ya chin up.
  3. WilkoS5

    WilkoS5 Member

    Bummer!!! Not a good start with the new car.

    Thanks for sharing the info though, I hope to own an S4 next, it'll have to be the Avant though.
  4. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Hard luck.
    So far no issues with mine. Had it since Jan, and done maybe 6k so far (2003).

    Must have warranty, must have warranty...
  5. JohnboyC

    JohnboyC Member

    Also gutted for u AngryAnt

    ....but I have also had experienced the **** Audi Dealership network.....you get a problem with your car...so u drop it in to the Stealership (at £90.00 per hour labour - but fortunantly I am under warranty) ...where all they do is diagnose the problem.....they dont fix it cos they keep b*gger all spares in stock....so, the car has to go in again to have the problem fixed....I even asked have they spoken to other Audi dealerships (in Lancashire) to see if they have the parts...no, cos they have only spoken to the single Audi Garage that happens to be in their franchise.....its totally **** poor !

    I will definately take my car to a decent independent when warranty runs out...at least they employ mechanics ...not numpties who can only plug in the Vagcom to see whats up -
  6. Mook

    Mook New Member

    Sorry to hear of your problems Angryant.

    Having been away from owning Audis for a couple of years, my whole experience of them over the past few weeks has been great. A lot of it comes down to the dealer and whether they give a monkeys about retaining customers.

    Audi Assistance was always great when I had a 1.8T and an Allroad. I guess the south west experience is a lot different to that in your area.

    Hope your car is now fine
  7. angryant

    angryant Member VCDS Map User

    Thanks for the responses lads.

    Everythings fine so far!!
    One question I have regarding the height of the pedals.
    I've noticed that my clutch pedal is higher than the brake, is this normal ?
    It's approx 10mm!
    Or am I becoming paranoid and just looking for faults
  8. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    thats not unusual
    the two ive driven were both like that
  9. angryant

    angryant Member VCDS Map User

    More problems!!
    Driving to work early hours on Tuesday morning (4am), coolant warning light comes on!
    Stops to check things out and am greeted with water running from the offside front!!
    Roadside assistance called again and recovered to nearest stealer, left sitting with the car for 2 hours until they opened.
    Anyway turns out the end of the secondary radiator had popped!!
    Parts on order, should get it back Friday.
    Made my mind up now, time to trade, I'll let you know where to so you can all steer clear.

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