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My S3, slow start but the addiction is starting...

Conor.demo7 Jun 11, 2013

  1. Conor.demo7

    Conor.demo7 New Member

    Righty then, I have fixed my misfire problem and fans! Horrraayy!!
    I'd like to say thanks to Tuffty for his little write up on the fuse box, I was worrying about something expensive!
    Coilpacks and plugs solved my misfire issue, managed to blag trade price from my local motor factors :D
    Had a look at my drivers window (doesn't go down), it appears the cable has chaffed through and snapped, you can hear the relay in the regulator going, but does not wind the motor.
    Got an intermittent 'Faulty Brake Light Warning' come on, its the rear left brake light.. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.. Any thoughts? Bad earth?

    Thoroughly loving the car at the moment!
    I can see the addiction starting..! Payday cannot come quick enough!

    When I had it up on the ramps at work, I noticed it is still running the SMIC's.. Which shocked me at what the 'claimed' power is for the car, will have to get it over to JBS for a rolling road test to see how much BS the trade guy was talking..
    So.. I have been reading around, I have seen the AH Fabs and Forge coolers mentioned. Apparently this car has a K04 hybrid, MTM 325 kit (Exhaust Mani, Downpipes, Cats, Milltek Resonated, Bigger Injectors, uprated hoses and DV).. Kinda shocked me when I saw the SMIC's.. They must be restricting it somewhat?

    Just after suggestions should this car have 'near the claimed' power output, is there certain size inlet/outlet bore sizes to look for?
    Would any of you recommend an induction kit, or should I go with an uprated panel filter?

    I'll try and get it booked in for a test after payday.

    I think I will strip the inlet at some point, give it all a good clean and replace any tired components. Got transmission, diffs and haldex oil to change in the next few weeks.

    Got an ever so slight oil leak (just looking damp at the moment, no oil drops on the drive) from what looks like the rear output shaft seal from the transfer box to the rear axle. Any experience in changing this seal, or any other faults to look for?

    Contacted Audi today about a possible corrosion warranty, hoping to hear back from them tomorrow.
    I don't think the car has had much love from its previous owner :(

    Will keep you posted! :D

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  2. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    Nice, I like the Imola yellow. Has it been lowered? Looks like it from your pic.
  3. dusty

    dusty Active Member Team Nogaro Blue Audi S3

    What bhp did the seller tell you it was, I think the most you will see from ko4 turbo is around 320 check out the stickies it's a mine of information
  4. Conor.demo7

    Conor.demo7 New Member

    Thank you 'The Doctor', it's pretty faded in areas which is ashame, I don't think the previous owner loved it..
    it has been lowered, seems to be lower on the rear than the front, this will be rectified once I get it on coilovers.

    Dusty, it is 'claimed' to have the 325 MTM kit. Personally I think it has no where near this.. As it is still running the SMiC's which alarmed me.. Also having just read some threads about rods popping at 280ish whp.. This still has standard rods :( Next job!

    Aye, I'm not trying to brag about it if it had that (which I doubt), feels plenty fast enough for me at the moment! :D

    It's difficult to track what it has had done to it, as I don't know the original owners name that purchased the work from MTM. The only information I have is what QST have said to me over the phone, as he remembers this car.

    Went to Sheffield Audi yesterday, they're customer service is some of the beat I have experienced.. Makes me want to go back! Haha..
    They took ultrasonic measurements of my paint, it was measuring at about 400microns. Standard paint should be around 150, special paint around 350.. He said he'd contact audi to trace whether my car had been through the spray shop twice due to imperfections.
    If not.. It's had aftermarket work...
    He also said that due to the age, audi will not offer to do the work for free under warranty, but audi may offer a 'good will' offer for the work. We'll see.. Should hear back next week, not keeping my hopes up.

    Any thoughts/recommendations on FMIC's? I've read Westy's thread, liking the look of his new setup (I forget the type).

    Thoroughly loving finally owning one though! :D
    Nice to get up in the morning and look forward to driving to work!
  5. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Massive FMIC thread in the FAQ sticky

  6. Conor.demo7

    Conor.demo7 New Member

    Cheers Tuffty! Ill have a blast!
    Anyone know if it's possibly to trace owner history of a vehicle via the dvla?
  7. Shaunie Eire

    Shaunie Eire Member

    What year is your car? The warranty covers 12 years. I literally picked up my 01 1.8T This afternoon after it getting the corrosion issue sorted out, No charge, the even change a coil pack FOC while in there. Love Imola yellow a detail would do it wonders, best of lock!
  8. Conor.demo7

    Conor.demo7 New Member

    Thanks Shaunie! I absolutely love it, even know its little downfalls.. Bit of tlc will sort it!
    Ive herd a quality professional compound polish should help revive it.

    It is a 2002, regisitered in June 2002.
    i will let you know what they come back and say.

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