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My S-Line A1 order has been cancelled :( - ADVICE NEEDED ASAP

adamck Aug 13, 2012

  1. adamck

    adamck Member

    Hi Guys.
    So i had ordered an A1 S-Line Amalfi White with a black roof, brand new ready for sept delivery (62 plate).
    But the dealer has failed to secure the car :(

    So i now have no car... he can get me a new one but its 4 months waiting list...

    He has however... found a PX A1 S-Line in Amalfi white!

    Spec is:

    A1 S-Line Amalfi white (with white roof)
    7000 Miles
    61 Plate
    Technology Pack (yeah the whopping expensive Sat Nav kit)
    Comfort Pack (parking sensors etc...)

    and it works out £2000 less overall and the extras are worth £2000 odd.

    The only things im gutted about is the roof and pillars not being black, but i do have a qualification in vinyl wrapping, so i could do that myself in black vinyl.
    And the Xenon Plus package which i was hoping for... i really wanted the LED running lights, but been told its impossible for them to fit them out of the factory :(

    What would you guys do?

    Anything extra i could/should ask for?
    Is it true they cannot order and fit the Xenon plus kit?
    He said if i can source the lights he can arrange having them programmed for free by them...

    He also said it wouldn't affect warranty.

    Please help!
  2. mattfinn

    mattfinn There ain't no party like an S-Club Party.

    I would start by going to the 2nd nearest Audi garage & buying from them. They've messed up & don't deserve the sale. Followed by a letter to Audi's head office. Good luck mate!
  3. adamck

    adamck Member

    The car was in the UK port, already built and he did say he needed to secure it for me today, but he did pressure me to pay my deposit etc... yesterday and was a little pushy about it, not wanting me to think about it for an hour or so...

    I am tempted at the new offer, just dont know if i should be getting a better deal from them or any more extras for the hassle etc..

    My next nearest is Liverpool, who didnt really give me the time of day... they wouldnt even show me the car and only gave me a brochure (which didnt have the model in it that i was looking at).
    I felt like they saw me and thought i was just 'Some kid' dreaming, but to their loss i just bought an S-Line from preston due to this failure by them...

    So now the balls in my court... surely i can ask for some freebies? just what??

    I want the Xenon plus lights lol

    The offer on the NEW one was

    246.69/month over 48 months
    + 8217 final

    the used one is

    254.27/month over 48 months
    +5887 final

    What you guys think?
  4. rhubarb4

    rhubarb4 Certified Audi nutter Gold Supporter Team Silver Audi S3 quattro

    Try another dealer and go for the one you want, as you will end up wishing you would have waited anyway. Well that's how I feel if I was going to pay all that money out I would want it exactly how I chose it.
  5. colicabcadam

    colicabcadam Guest

    be patient and go somewhere else....

    also write to audi UK, i bet you can get an option thrown in for free
  6. Spider

    Spider Member

    If they gave you a date then it's down to them to give you a loan car until it turns up
  7. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hmmm. If I was cynical, I'd suggest that as this was a 'stock built' car - i.e. it was manufactured and in Audi UK 'stock' before you'd finalised an order for it - what might've happened is that the dealer had someone else in yesterday waving hot pound notes in a sweaty little fist; leading to their leaning on, and ultimately 'not being able to secure the car' for you.

    Luckily, I'm not. Hah.

    I'm about two cigarettes away from a trip to the shop. I'm half tempted to swing-by Preston Audi on the way (with a moderate tailwind I could throw a tennis ball from here to there) and -as a friendly and helpful Administrator thinking of their PR- point out that they're not covering themselves in glory on this one.

    It's a shame to hear you're having headaches from them because they've done fairly well in the brownie-point stakes when I've dealt with them lately.

  8. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    ^^^ what he said, they're taking the pi$$

    If you buy the car without the spec you asked for, you'll never be happy or feel as if it's your own choice. They seem to be trying to fob you off! Tell the stealer to kiss your prized rump & that you're going to give your money to someone that will actually give you what you ask for ...maybe then he'll get the message you're not to be trifled with.
  9. maninthestreet

    maninthestreet Active Member

    Surely the reason the dealer 'failed to secure the car' was because you didn't pay the required deposit?
  10. A1DEYB

    A1DEYB Well-Known Member

    What deposit was he after?
  11. A1DEYB

    A1DEYB Well-Known Member

    Don't get the used car because it's not what you want. You'll be always thinking i should of got the other one!

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