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My RS3 v Lambourghii Gallardo

Discussion in 'RS3 Forum (8P Chassis)' started by greg1903, May 1, 2012.

  1. greg1903

    greg1903 Member

    Apr 14, 2009
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    Yes, thats right - on my first weekend of owning my RS3, I managed a bit of fun with a Gallardo.

    There's a bit more to the story though:

    I was driving home from Aviemore on Sunday, and decided to take the scenic route via Tomintoul and over the Lecht Ski Centre - amazing stretch of road for those who don't know it, with loads of straights, twisty sections and camber changes etc.

    I'd been having a bit of fun through the twisties and came up to a long straight. I was very tempted to gun it, but thought best not since I had a few mates in the car. Looked in my rear view mirror and saw a red Porsche GT3 closing me down. I was very tempted to have a go, but decided against it. And how fortunate that was - got to the end of the straight and a cop car came round the bend... I think the Porsche just got away with it.

    So, went through another twisty section and now I look in my rear view mirror to see a black Gallardo. Right I thought, lets give this a go. TBH, I don't know how hard he was pushing it, but there were a few occassions I managed to pull away from him. I know on the straights I wouldn't stand a chance, but through the bends I think he was quite surprised.

    After about 10mins of fun I decided to pull over and let him past - no point pushing the RS3 too hard on her first proper outing. Window was down, and by god that Gallardo sounded the bomb. Got a little thumbs up from him too...

    All in all though, I am so happy with my purchase. The handling and acceleration is outstanding. I've read in a few reviews about understeer, but I never really noticed that too much. The car does slide a bit of you push it hard enough, but never so that I felt out of control.

    Got some pics, but no idea how to post them. Can someone let me know how to do this?
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  3. jerseypaul

    jerseypaul Member

    May 6, 2011
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    understeery on the track maybe, not on the road though.
    give me a car that's tuned for real world conditions every time.
  4. CarrG

    CarrG Active Member

    Nov 22, 2008
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    Ha nice one Mate.

    Pics would be great. Open a free account with photobucket or similar and upload them there. Copy and paste the link here.
  5. Helifella

    Helifella Co-Driver ~ Hattie
    Moderator Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    Nov 21, 2011
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    You can also add pics to Facebook too. Either way, copy "image location" when right clicking on the chosen image then click the insert image icon when typing a post on here and paste the hyperlink from the clipboard into the box. You will know if it's worked as the image will appear straight away.
  6. poverty

    poverty Active Member

    Mar 22, 2010
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    with the dsg advantage i wouldnt be shocked if you did pull on him. A mapped TTRS is faster than a Gallardo SE for example

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