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My Revo remap.

copperband Jul 7, 2007

  1. copperband

    copperband Member

    Had my S3 for 5 weeks now and really enjoying it. I previously had a BMW 330Cd which had been remapped from 1000 miles on the clock so I always felt it was a possibility I would do the same to the S3 given how much it improved the BMW. The BMW was a Superchips remap.

    When I got the S3 I was pretty blown away with the whole package - The power, the braking and the handling. For a few weeks I thought this was all enough and wouldn't get a remap but then curiosity got the better of me and I spoke to my local Revo specialist in Bristol Ian (Powermap).He taked me through all the facts about remapping as opposed to a lot of the fiction that I had picked up from various forums. Like any subject matter forums are great for gathering information quickly but unfortunately they are also the source of as lot of misinformation. Fortunately for me Ian has been in the trade for a along time and went to great lengths to explain everything to me and answer all my questions.

    So...we agreed the trial was a good test and I went over on Monday night a few weeks ago.He loaded up the 5 hour trial (5 hours of ignition time btw not 5 hours on the clock). We made a few changes as well - the fuelling to optimise for the fact that I always use Vpower and we upped the boost very slightly. My initial thought were that this car was now a sure license loser, the remap had made the car much more drivable,much more powerful and incredibly fast:scared2:

    I drove the car for about 300 miles on the trial in all types of road conditions and unsuprisingly went back to see Ian last Saturday for the permanent remap:icon_thumright:

    I have now driven the car a week and another 400 or so miles and I am pleased to say I am really impressed.
    The power is unbelievable, no car has ever given me the motorbike like rush of adrenalin that this car now does. Last night I went over to see a mate of mine who lives just outside of Bath in the middle of countryside. I took him out for a little spin on some diserted roads and he simply could not believe the power and the speed. It is one thing accelerating on a straight bit of road and being impressed but to go out on a mix of long straight roads and through some twisty stuff in the safety of the empty countryside is really showing how good this car is at combining the unbelievable amount of raw power the remapo gives it, the excellent brakes and handling. We were both laughing like a couple of schoolboys with the adrenalin:w00t: We swapped over and I let him have a drive, I know hes a good driver and had been round the track with him in his old Type R accord so I thought I'd be in safe hands. As soon as he drove off and started driving like I had been putting the car though it's paces I started to realise how fast the car really is, I was absolutly sh1tting it, I can't describe why but when you are not concentrating on the gear changes,etc and just sitting there at the mercy of the driver everything just feels so much faster. We both got back to his house and got out the car shaking with adenalin:w00t: We went inside the house and my wife said why didn't you take the boys (who are 5 and 6 years old) he replied it wsn't there sort of ride, which I think was a fair summary:scared2:

    I am not writing this to condone stupid mad driving, because that wha't what we were doing, we did give the car an excellent test though and it convinced me that the next time there is a track day at Castle combe I will try and book myself in:icon_thumright:

    In summary for me on top of an already excellent car the Revo remap provides:

    - A lot more power that seems to just go on and on.
    - A much more raw sound from a better exhaust note and a more prominent turbo whistle.
    - No adverse effect on MPG, I am still getting 300 miles per tank average (a lot of motorway in that)
    - A lot more fun:yes:

    Thanks a lot to Ian at powermap for great service and advice, and giving me a great deal too:icon_thumright:

    Ian's details are:
    Mobile:07967 197572
  2. IH786

    IH786 Member

    An excellent write up copperband :icon_thumright: I'm especially impressed that MPG seems to remain unchanged.

    Out of interest how much did the remap cost, and what sort of increase in BHP did you get?
  3. daviscup

    daviscup Member

    Sounds fab! Havnt got my S3 yet but think I'll be having a re-map soon after it arrives. Did you go for the serial port switch?
  4. AL_B

    AL_B Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S3 DSG

    Superb write-up copperband.
  5. normski

    normski Member

    Here here...
  6. Spin140

    Spin140 Well-Known Member

    Stop ! Don't want to hear about remaps, determined to stay standard for at least 12months, great write up though :)
  7. Dan Gliballs

    Dan Gliballs Active Member

    You on commission dude? :salute:

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