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My review of the A1 after 15k miles

Graham555 Oct 24, 2012

  1. Graham555

    Graham555 Member


    Had my car a year now and thought it may be worth while providing a summary of the ups and downs of A1 ownership.

    I had down-sized from a C Class Mercedes Benz, so was a little concerned I may have made a mistake buying a smaller car, but within a few months those fears had gone completely as the car is a quality product, and as it was new and not many about, people were keen to ask me about the car.

    There were a few minor niggles that were annoying (fizzing noise from behind the trim on the drivers door, the rear seat back would rattle, and the centre console would rub against the main dash if the car was hot inside). Thankfully the dealer I use it very understanding and knowledgeable, so after a few visits, these were all fixed.

    I still have a rattle while driving slowly over rough ground that has proved almost impossible to fix as no one can actually identify if this is the gearbox mount, the famous DSG rattle, or the front suspension. The car goes in for a service in January, so they can have another look for me.

    The average fuel economy of 40 - 45 is for brilliant after the Merc (low 20's), and servicing is not a worry as I have the service plan.

    Getting comfortable in the car is easy as the seat adjustment is good, and the seats have the added benefit of lumbar support. The car is quiet to drive but as I have 17" wheels the ride can be a little firm, although nothing compared with the S-Line I drove on 18" wheels! Rear head room is tight for those taller than the average, but passengers soon learn to bend their head slightly to avoid banging it on the roof. Buy a Sportsback if you need more room in the back would be my advice.

    I have electronic Climate control that has proved to be a worth while option, so I would recommend people to consider this. Not only is it "set it and forget it", but it looks much better with the aliminium controls. I also have the connectivity pack as it provides a second SD slot, connection in the glove box for charging my iPhone, and the option to upgrade to the SD Sat Nav. However at £400 - £500 to upgrade, I have not bothered, and instead purchased a decent portable sat nav system for £150 with life time maps. Having said that it's still worth while considering the connectivity pack in case Audi reduce the upgrade price in the near future.

    The stop start system was annoying at first but now I find this a real benefit as I seem to spend a lot longer in traffic jams, road work, and for some reason even traffic lights take longer nowadays to change to green. Saves fuel and does my bit for the environment.

    My car is metallic black, so cleaning it usually involves spending a few hours getting it looking perfect, but having invested in good quality cleaning products, and throwing the sponges away (I use wash mitts), the car still looks like new.

    Road tax is £30 a year, so less painful than the £195 I paid for the Merc.

    Boot space is good although with the luggage pack lowering the floor requires the removal of the bracket and the storage trays, but so far no problems with packing for a weeks holiday for two people. It did mean buying a suitcase that fitted the boot space so I can get everything in.

    Tyre wear has been very good (Goodyear Efficiency) and at the current rate I expect to get 22k miles from the fronts and at least 28k from the rears.

    One piece of advice is to build a good relationship with the service department as these are the people you will need in the future, especially as the sales team become invisible 30 minutes after you have taken delivery of the car!

    In summary, a great car that has provided the usual Audi quality in a smaller package, has low running cost, and still makes me smile every time I get in the car.

    Looking forward to the next 15k miles.
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  2. karlabdool

    karlabdool Member


    Hi, I think i am getting this same noise on my new 8v a3 1.8tfsi, funny that when i posted in that forum, no one else seems to hear it. The sound is like a loose metallic jiggle.

    Did you ever get it sorted?
  3. Graham555

    Graham555 Member


    The dealer found nothing in January. But in June I had a problem with the car juddering when moving away slowly. After calling Audi Assist, who I have to say were brilliant, he agreed there was a problem and after entering the details on the Audi system using a laptop, the answer was the clutch pack should be replaced. This was completed the following week by my local dealer, and thankfully the judder has gone, but occasionally I still get the metallic rattle. I still think there is a design issue, but so far no success getting a definitive answer from Audi. The reply is usually they make that noise as this is part of the way the box works! So I will be extending the Audi warranty using Audi (Mondial manage this), or one of the other warranty providers once I have checked them out to ensure I get the best and least hassle. Better safe than sorry.

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