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My remapping experience - ChippedUK

sukrw Aug 29, 2008

  1. sukrw

    sukrw Active Member

    Just thought I would share my experience of a remapping with those that want to read ...

    The car - Audi A3 2007 2.0TDi 140 s-line sportback - what a mouthful ! oohh errr

    I went to ChippedUK at Bromsgrove (Worcestershire) for the remapping "day" on the 2nd August (chip-n-spin) arranged for various VAG members. The day was a long one and met loads of other friendly members all keen to get more power from their cars. The package consisted of a pre-mapping rolling road, the remap (of choice) and a post-mapping rolling road to see the increase in power.

    The crew at ChippedUK were amazing, made us all feel welcome and kept us updated of progress etc. As I was late getting there I was near the end of the queue. I went for the fast-road mapping. As I was against time for another appointment I just had the remap and no rolling road runs.

    The remap went fine, they downloaded my current map onto their "box of magic" and then took it off into the back to feckle with it, to return some 20 mins later to upload back to the car. I was then asked to test drive the car to make sure I was happy - oh yes - very happy :).

    I have since managed to get a rolling road done with ChippedUK to see the results of the work. It was originally 140bhp and is now running at 177bhp. I have not noticed any drop in MPG but a vast increase in torque and performance. I can now overtake "some" white-vans and most milk floats ! not bad from the little oil burner !

    The car pulls nicely on the motorway and is much more versatile to drive. The extra torque makes it a better drive, the power is smooth and consistent. First gear also seems more useable than it was before - the power is there for more of the revs rather than just ending too quick.

    So, that is my experience of a remap and of ChippedUK - anyone thinking of getting the mapping done could consider ChippedUK - friendly, experienced and professional.

    Well that is just my 2p worth on this subject, I know it is a minefield of varying recommendations and expectations in the remapping arena - please don't flame me as this is just my recent experience off it - an enjoyable one at that.

  2. Jay.Ing

    Jay.Ing Active Member Team Ibis Bronze Supporter Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    How much matey???
  3. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    do you know the results of the other cars pre and post rolling road
  4. sukrw

    sukrw Active Member


    It was £250 for the chip-n-spin day - the 2 rolling roads and the remapping. Not sure of their "normal" prices on a non chip-n-spin day.

    Not sure of the figures from the other guys as I got there quite late.
    If anyone out there who was on the same day has their figures to post - would be good ...


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