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My Relentless V3 manifold and pipes arrived!!! :)

slydog18 Nov 28, 2012

  1. slydog18

    slydog18 N88GGY S3

    Woohoo my new bits have arrived and I just want to say a big thanks to Relentless for putting up with my stupid questions via a few emails and not just tech ones LOL (Paypal newbie that I am :))

    They delivered my V3 manifold, downpipe and Cat in quick time, less than a week, and they look stonking !!! Nice and weighty feel with great looking welds, also a few strategic little plates for strength i think. Got comments about how much sturdier they seem compared to others people have seen. Cant wait to fit these early next year but more bits to get first.

    If you have any questions about their stuff they are very quick to answer and help and didnt seem snooty in any way. Cannot recommend them enough :)
  2. sambryant

    sambryant stage 2+ mk2 seat leon cupra

    Glad your happy mate :)

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