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My poor old A4's not as cool as it used to be!

benjie May 20, 2013

  1. benjie

    benjie Well-Known Member

    I know very little about air conditioning systems, so here goes.

    Car is a 2003 1.9 TDI B6 A4 with the standard 2 zone climate control.

    It's had a problem for over a year now really. On moderate days (15-20 degress) after sitting for a day in the sun, I get in and open the windows to let the hot air out. I turn on air con to 21 and leave it. Fan speed will go to 1 or 2 bars and stay there for about 3min, pumping out cool air. Then after that the fan speed goes to 4-6 and pumps out cool (not cold) air. So all is fine, despite it not doing what it should.

    On a hotter day, or if I put the air con on LO, the fans go crazy and just pump out ambient air.

    So that's the problem. It was recharged a year ago (professionally) and there are no fault codes stored.

    Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is? It strikes me as a problem with wear somewhere in the system - because it works when running at low speed, but not faster.

    Any ideas gratefully received!
  2. Chillout

    Chillout Active Member

    hi the faster your vent fans run the more load placed on your a/c it sounds like a capacity issue when your fans are running flat out if you check your suction pipe (largest pipe from the cabin to the compressor) should have condensation/sweat on it that is a good sign it is fully charged your condenser / radiator fans should also be cycling on and off

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