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My New S3 Detailed by jr001

brucer Oct 24, 2007

  1. brucer

    brucer Member

    Hi folks,

    As you can tell by the title of this thread i've just had my car detailed by jr001 & i thought it was well worth mentioning to other people about how great a job jr001 has done on the car.
    Also getting your car detailed is well worth every penny rather than getting the normal supaguard / autoglym lifeshine products applied which leaves the colour of your car a bit flat looking.

    To give everyone a rough idea of what the job involved was 12 hours of fine rotary polishing with final finish polishes to remove the supaguard and to reveal a fresh clearcoat layer that totally transformed the colour. 3 hours of Zymol cleansing and waxing followed to add fantastic depth, further gloss and awesome wetness to the paint. (A more detailed explanation is in the thread written by jr001)


    Overall folks i totally recommend having a new car detailed in this way instead of paying the stealership for a £25 supaguard product, applied to your car in a couple of hours for a total cost of between £200 and £400. Get your car PROPERLY done, it's your pride & joy!
    Finally i would just like to say a BIG thank you to jr001, top bloke :rockwoot:

    Cheers, Brucer.

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