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My New Pride and Joy

NavA3 Nov 4, 2011

  1. NavA3

    NavA3 Member

    Well Hellooo

    i been floating around on the forum since i bought my audi in june this year

    i have to say i like what I've been seeing

    a lot of inspiration

    Well my story is when i passed my test i was 17
    i got mum's hand me down

    Vw golf mk5 1.9tdi 105 DSG
    turbo blew at 40k bit of a set back
    replaced with a new one
    but o well moving on

    after lots of work and a remap and lots of money

    loved it to bit as it was my first pride and joy
    but everything comes to end sooner or later
    second turbo was whining away as the bearing was loose and found out then when i had it replaced first time round it was only with a euro car parts oe one so the remap didn't help

    had it for 2 years but i must say fun while it lasted

    so before it actually went pop part exchanged it for my new baby

    Audi A3 2007 2.0tdi S Line 140BHP Manual


    missing quite a few things as in specs but i do love it a lot better then my golf

    phantom black
    full black leather
    18'' Sline wheels fully refurbed
    less than 60k on the clock

    no other extras

    was a quick buy to tell you the truth if i had the time I'm sure i could have found a better equipped a3
    but as the golf was on its way out got a fairly good price for it

    i see a lot of s3 around and they look beautiful but for me its TDi all day long

    hope you like


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