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  1. Ronniebiggs

    Ronniebiggs Member

    After much stress and grief. I have now fitted my induction kit and my XS power stainless manifold. Trouble is I cant really tell any difference:3sadwalk:
    Apart from the obvious noise of the induction sucking it feels very similar. Im a bit dissapointed as looking at the standard manifold you would think it is ultra restrictive as its so small. My new one has a much bigger bore and surely it must have gained me a bit of BHP.

    What do you think the BHP will be on my car?

    Its a 1.8T (150bhp) chipped to 190BHP with the induction filter and the XS power manifold

    I would hope it will be above the 200 mark!

    I know the only true way would be to rolling road it but what are your guesses?

    Also what are easy BHP gain modifications on these engines?

    Any opinion welcome

  2. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    TBH, I couldn't really see either of those mods adding much BHP. Induction kits aren't great on turbo cars as they have far too much heat around the engine bay. The exhaust manifold won't really do a lot either unless you get a high flow cat and system. You might be better trying a CAI feed or a panel filter, then try a de-cat pipe.. My brother has a 1.8T toledo with, remap, 225bhp TT injectors, de-cat, panel filter and its putting out 223bhp on the rolling road. although his has the K03s turbo. here is a good article on tuning the 1.8T in a polo.

  3. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    If you was looking for extra BHP mate then you should look at the Uprated turbo method as mentioned. K04 upgrade with TT injectors etc.

    I had a Induction kit on my ol'red one and I took it off in the end because I noticed once my car was fully warmed up, the hotter it got the less responsive I felt it got. The bit of heat we had last year I could tell when the Temp was roasting. Like Technics says, there is too much heat under the engine bay so unless you are going to Enclose the whole Filter and have a Good clod air source, Id take it off. You'll see for yourself soon.

    Soon as I put my panel filter back on I noticed when the temp was right up. Didnt feel as gutless as it did with the K&N. Im not talking massive gains but you could just tell!!

    My red one was a 163 but according to the sticker in the boot it was a 150bhp , I added a Updated N75 valve, Hyperboost diverter valve, Cat back Exhaust without the center boxes, New Turbo pipe (toughened) and a Remap and according to the estimates on the machine I was running 203 bhp.
    Not bad but I was aiming for the low down torque which I got and enjoyed very much.

    ....now Ive gotta start all over again with my Blue one....:drag:
  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    changing the manifold will only make a difference if its acting as a restriction.

    Unfortunately the main restriction in your exhaust system is the turbine housing on the turbo itself, not the manifold.
  5. bubstar

    bubstar Member

    Induction kits are the biggest waste of money on our cars IMO.
  6. Ronniebiggs

    Ronniebiggs Member

    The filter only cost me £15 in a sale so wasnt that bothered about putting it on. I think the car pulls better than it did with these 2 mods. The old manifold is so small compaired to the new one it must of added BHP and if as everyone says the CAT is so good and thats why we dont decat, then that wont make a difference. The turbo K04 was a way forward but its finding one for the right price!

    If I could get one cheap enough and the injectors where not too expensive. I would go that route. I think my car may have alittle lag now. Not sure if its me been paranoid or not!

    What about small mods that are worth while. Like as J7uss has eg the toughened turbo pipe and things like that. If I could get to 200+ I would be happy. Then I would maybe look at the turbo etc. So if mine was 187 chipped. Would my upgraded DV, Manifold, Induction kit get me the 13bhp I want?

    Assume I have the filter all shielded off with a lovely cold air feed going in.
  7. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    If you are going to get a turbo upgrade then do it before you aim to get to the 200+ mark, Set the foundation then build on it. Starting with the turbo is a good thing...But if you aint doing the turbo then by adding an uprated DV, the mani and induction kit wont give you what you looking for IMO, prob make your car feel a litle torq'y and it'll breath better like mine did.

    Maybe the Map you had could have been pushed just that little further to get you to the 200 mark??
  8. Ronniebiggs

    Ronniebiggs Member

    I was thinking the same thing. Depending on who you talk to. Some people say you get 187bhp from a 150 some say 195bhp. So there seems to be alittle variation. TBH I have never had it rolling roaded so not sure of the actual power. The guy said it will be 187. Thats the map he put on.

    Would love a turbo. But dont have the £1000 it would require for the nice garrett. Or the £400 fir the K04. Plus its not just £400 for the turbo. You need the injectors. How much are they?
    Then the map to support these which costs between £200 and £500. If I could get someone to sell me a K04 cheap I would have a go.

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