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My new intercooler

nicklght Jan 24, 2008

  1. nicklght

    nicklght Imthegod

    Recently just bought this intercooler for my car and will be dropping it off for a few weeks to jeffers999 to fit(as i dont use the car that much and as im taking my gf away to paris), also hopefully will be getting some chrome pipes made up for it.

    The dimensions of the intercooler are 600x300x76 and the inlet is 3.



    Jeffers mate just realised when im back on the 2nd we will go down to see about getting those pipes made up and then go for a few pints as the 6 nations starts then lol:idea:
  2. jeffers999

    jeffers999 got boost

    Yea mate we will get a few people together for the 6 nations there is allready a few of us arranged to watch the game ,, we can go and get the pipes sorted in the morning for mine and yours be cool...
  3. Dave_Bayern

    Dave_Bayern Slipping at 3.5Krpm

    The core looks the same as mine.

    1.5 pressure drop with the right piping but as its so large you need to fab up a mount.

    Also, make sure the mount flexes or the core will crack.
  4. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    Nicklght, If you want impress the lady, take her to the restaurant at the top of the Montparnasse tower. Its taller than the Eiffel tower and has a cool view at night from the top. However, its rather expensive.

    Oh yeah, nice intercooler.

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