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My new ICE upgrage

tonyt102 Mar 19, 2006

  1. tonyt102

    tonyt102 Member

    Hello chaps.

    Just thought I'd share my new sound upgrade with you. It has been largly influanced by Andy's stealthsub. I would have loved to buy Andy's upgrade system but at the moment, funds don't permit.

    Andy helped massively by supplying me with the a connector diagram showing what the wires going into the sub actually do. My idea was to build a new stealth enclosure but looking at Andy's, it's not that easy. To save money for the mo, I got the sub (JL Audio), wiring kit and RCA splitters from Car Audio Direct and decided to replace the std Audi driver using the same audi enclosure. I removed the driver and mounting plate to find the tinyest amp and absolutly no wadding....I'm not supprised it sounded pants. I made a solid MDF plinth for the new sub to be mounted to. After lining the audi enclosure with wadding, I fitted the sub and plinth with a nice neat speaker wire coming out of the original wire hole.

    I didn't want to cut the wiring inside the car so I cut the connector off the sub and soldered RCA plugs onto it and all other relevant remote leads etc. I sourced a decent Kenwood amp from eBay ensuring it had decent mounting holes and capable of a 3 channel option. It was a 600watt and was only £60 brand new with a RRP of £200! I mounted this behind the N/S rear pannel. I wired it so that the amp also drives the rear speakers. I also mounted it so the amp controls are easily accessable when the panel is removed to make minor adjustments. I wired the amp power cable through a little gromet just behind the polen filter...dead easy.

    Once all was connected, I powered the system up to find it worked perfectly and difference was unbeliveable. It would be even better if I had the proper AndyMac enclosure....thats my next upgrade. I would definatly recommend this upgrade. Even the standard rear speakers sound pretty good once connected to a decent amp. The bass obviously isn't massive due to the tiny enclosure but the sound quality is great. I didn't want any bass enclosures cluttering up my boot and I do like to keep things as standard as poss so it's ideal. I fitted a Phat box at the same time but I can't get the voice tag on the albums to work so thats my next task. I'll have to find out how to post pics on the forum so you can see.

    Anyway, a big thanks to Andy for his help...he's made the job so much easier.

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