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My New Car - 2.0 TDi S-Line 3 door in Missano Red!

Joe90k Feb 26, 2013

  1. Joe90k

    Joe90k Speed doesn't Kill!

    So, I loved my A3, but it was getting old and I fancied a change, so I sold it and bought a new car. I collect it next week, will most likely keep it for a little while then swap it for another one, I have my eye on the 185PS 2.0TDi Quattro 3 door when it is available to order. Plans are either Brilliant Black or Daytona Grey with Comfort Pack, Adaptive Cruise Control, Audi Parking System Plus, B&O Sound System and Panoramic Sunroof.

    But for now this will do nicely, 2.0 TDi 150PS S-Line 3 door in Missano Red with Heated Seats, SD Card Sat Nav and Audi Sound System.

    I will post pics when it arrives, I am stupidly excited, I have never owned a new car before :superman:
  2. faisal_16

    faisal_16 Member

    Congrats on the purchase:thumbsup:... I know the feeling, mine is due in a few weeks and will also be my first new car

    Your username rings a bell...uk-MKIVS by any chance?
  3. Ruthus_1

    Ruthus_1 Member

    I too am awaiting my first new car and it is really really exciting! Ha Ha!

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