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My new Audi 2010, A3 100 yrs!!!!! Whoooaa

fer14 Jan 18, 2010

  1. fer14

    fer14 New Member

    Friends, finally the car has arrived to the dealer. Im very exited in 1 or 2 days i'll have it. So finally here is my presentation.

    My name is Fernando, im 22 and i live in Mexico. I have being reading a lot and everything seems to be different from UK to here, for example insurance for this car is like 1,000 USD and they dont ask you who will drive, you can put your dog and if it crash you just have to pay 5% and there you go. We have to pay plate taxes, around 4% of the car value just for the plates!! GRRRRRR...and this is every year for the rest of your life! We dont have Diesel engine (well just a couple) because our diesel is not a premium one so it mess the engine, therefore just gasoline engines and the fuel price for the best gasoline available is like 8 USD a liter, lets say 30 USD for a gallon. I dont know if this is good o bad, we think it suck, just a year ago we were doing 20-22 USD per gallon.

    Back to the car, its a A3 2010 1.8 TFSI S-tronic 7 speed. This car is very very special, just 100 came to Mexico (50 SB, 50 3 doors), and those 50 were just available in white, black, red or silver, so only like 12 cars in the whole country are like this. This model is called Audi A3 100 years, and it celebrates guess what... yes, 100 years of Audi.

    Its the top of the line, i dont have all the specs but meanwhile this is the first picture of it, what you think? What mods would you recomend me? S3 grill?


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