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My new A6 1.8t (LPG)

cgtechuk Feb 2, 2011

  1. cgtechuk

    cgtechuk New Member

    Hi all,

    Currently now have a 1.8t A6 Avant (99) and im loving it, like my Audis this is my 3rd, 1st was a 2.6 petrol A$ and more recently a 2.5tdi a4.

    Anyway back to the point, what can be done in regards to upgrades on these engines? what sort of mods can be done to start me off, to my knowlsge the car is the 150 model.

    All help appreciated cheers
  2. TwistedMind

    TwistedMind Long Live The A6

    Get it remaped, the 1.8T loves a new map.............

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