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my New A4 Project "Project Dogs Dinner"

Drifterwanab Aug 8, 2010

  1. Drifterwanab

    Drifterwanab Member

    Hay all.

    I was on here a while back when i got myself a 03 A4 Avant TDI cheap crash damaged, but she was worse than expected so let it go.

    But i still had a need for a A4 project. So i have picked myself up a 1998 A4 TDI stolen recovered on the cheap

    So let Project dogs Dinners Commence!

    As i bought her (covered in fingerprint dust)

    First thing is to clean her up and give her a look over make sure theres no unseen damage, then the mods can begin! also i need full lock set and new key cheap (immobiliser) coding to the car - so is there any one with vag taco near warrington that can do it for me for a 6'er of beers :thumbsup:

    Wanted list (in order of importance ish)

    Lockset and remote key and halo
    Steering colomn lock and cowling

    Face lift headlights
    Jom type coilovers
    S4 rear bumper
    RS4 style front bumper
    s4 grill
    milltec style backbox
    B6 style boot lip
    b7 wipers and arms
    Leather interior
    Not settled on wheels as yet, but got a few ideas:eyebrows:

    That should be enough to get me started!

    wish me luck, and any ideas or suggestions more than welcome!
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2010
  2. Foxmeister

    Foxmeister Fired Up!

    Cool mate, sounds an interesting little list there, will keep on the lookout with this thread, good luck with it mate.
  3. Drifterwanab

    Drifterwanab Member

    Progress report!!

    Recived my lockset with 2 button remote flick key and Olds_Kool came and linked it up to my car (reall nice guy, cheers buddy!!) remote and total closer all working nice

    Car fired up straight away and sounds/runs nice!!

    As an extra win i found the binder and handbook in the car, and in there was also the service manual FULL Service history bang up to date (last service 10k miles ago! :) )

    So now the mods can begin............. Already have some wheels ordered... 18's and need furbing... thats all iam saying at the mo :)

    Need to get rid of my Golf and 306 HDi so some real spending can commence

    Oh i can also confirm i have got the 110 bhp model too =)
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2010

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