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My new 1.8 tsport quattro questions

JPH04 Aug 26, 2009

  1. JPH04

    JPH04 New Member

    I've just purchased a 1.8 T Sport Quattro 2001:rockwoot:
    It has been remapped by QRS from 180bhp, but i don't know what to, any ideas?:weight_lift2:
    It has only done 47k, but i can't see a cam belt change, nor was it sold with the change implied. So my first question is how much will this cost? From reading the forum i see i need to water pump done also, anything else? Where near Bradford, W.Yorks should i go (not a Stealer Dealer!)?:faint:
    I would like sharper brakes, do i just upgrade to sports discs and pads, or S3 discs and pads, is this hard to do?:meeting:
    Is suspension worth changing, it feels quite sporty already?
    I want it to look more like an S3, i was thinking of colour coding the black trim, has anyone done this? Or maybe an after market bodykit, any tips?:idea:
    I know this is lots of questions, and i have looked through the forum, but there seems to be lots of conflicting stuff:think:
  2. c_dog

    c_dog Member

    Welcome to AS! A generic remap on a 1.8T QTS should see about 210bhp, as is my understanding. A cambelt + waterpump could be anywhere between £300-400.
  3. russ3ll

    russ3ll New Member

    Just had my cambelt and water pump done at the same time - £345 from my local indie.
  4. Peety

    Peety Jumped ship to BMW...

    Agree, the remap would've taken your car to somewhere between 200-210bhp...

    I've changed my suspension (coilovers), only because I wanted a lower look and better handling. The OEM suspension is actually quite good. Be wary though, changing suspension can be costly, you'll have to consider bushes, ARBs, ARB links...mind you at 47k, you may be okay.

    I too intend on spraying the black trim to be coloured coded with the bodywork.

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