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My Moro Blue A4 after a 2 stage polish.

mancdan Oct 10, 2013

  1. mancdan

    mancdan Active Member

    I had my eight year old car booked in for a bumper scuff repair 2 days ago, and the day after it went to www.finerdetails.co.uk in Oldham, Manchester for a 2 stage machine polish.
    I am very pleased with the results, the colour looks so much better now. The only downside is it makes my scuffed alloys stand out even more now, so they are next on the list for a total refurb.

    Here are a couple of pictures:

    Boot 50/50:

    Boot 50.jpg

    Passenger side front wing 50/50:

    Front Wing 50.jpg

    Finished article from rear:

    Rear shot.jpg

    Finished article from front:

    Finished Car.jpg

    All the pictures are on Finer Details Facebook page here. Iain Brown the owner is a great guy and really knows his stuff.
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  2. Tuddie

    Tuddie Active Member Team Mythos TFSI Owners Group Team V8 quattro Audi A8 Audi S8

    Looks a million times better mate, great result.
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  3. butler2.8i

    butler2.8i Member

    Cracking work by Iain, lovely looking car matey
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