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my first track day

Bula_82 Jan 21, 2008

  1. Bula_82

    Bula_82 Self Confessed Nightmare!

    (taken from elsewhere so some may not make sense)

    Was today, at Brands Hatch.

    An (ex) colleague of mine showed me a link for a load of track days he had seen as he knew I was interested.

    I looked and see one was Brands Hatch, which is only about half hour from me, and booked it... £80, open pit lane for novices.

    Turned up expecting to see a whole load of people, turns out there was only a few of us there - a fella in a civic which he's bought just to chuck round the track, a masariti, Z4, porsche of some description, 2 MX5's, an MR2, a bimmer looks like Pes's, but tamer and .... a Jimney which moved pretty quick!

    The masariti rarely bothered to brake, went like stink and sounded fantastic.

    The MX5 decided to brake foooking hard (i thought my car was dying then realised it wasnt me) and managed to flip the car over and it didnt get back on track, i looked at it later and it had damage to the passenger side, but everything else 'seemed ok'

    Then, the car started making some random noise which freaked me out a bit, I was all ready to blame Matt when i realised it as coming from the dash and not the engine, so, on Matt's advise I just carried on and hope that the car didnt blow up! (the noise disappeared shortly after and hasnt returned so not sure what it was :think: )

    Although it rained, it was a good learning curve for me to test the limits of the A3, and when it poured I kept it in the garage

    Sooooo, today i learnt i like track as much as I knew I did and that Castle Combe and Donnington are next

  2. Bula_82

    Bula_82 Self Confessed Nightmare!

    In preperation..........

  3. simch

    simch Active Member

    Sounds like fun, although your post is a bit random!! lol!

    You will have fun at both combe and donny. Get some pics up if you got any!
  4. Clach

    Clach A3 - 1.8Ts

    Good to hear...Thought about it myself, but the M40 to Oxford is my Brands Hatch after footy late on Thursday night...lol :icon_thumright:

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