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My first post! Need some help pls with engine part for A3 3.2 V6

digikam Dec 25, 2012

  1. digikam

    digikam Member

    Hi all,

    I just purchased a 2005 A3 3.2 5 door. It's a lovely car! I've just been looking at the engine and I needed to know the name of a specific part. Please see pic. I have outlined it in red. Apologies as I am no expert!

    The black tube going across is patched up by some duct tape on my car so not sure if that would cause any issues?

    I will be taking my car in for a service at AMD soon as its due, so was hoping to see if I can get that part (if it is a problem) and get it fitted during the service.

    Thanks! 41600829.jpg
  2. brough74

    brough74 Member

    Hi i looks like its just the tube that cover the spark plug / coil pack wires. I dont think it should cause any issues.
  3. BradV6

    BradV6 Member

    I was looking for that once but i think its off the r32's not the audi's

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