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My first mod! + Xcarlink info required

ADi Nuff Valves Jun 10, 2011

  1. After owning a mk4 V6 4motion for 7.5 years which I gradually modded a fair bit I can feel the modding bug biting again!

    Here's my old Golf:
    The "pink" 4mo, time to let go! GONE! - uk-mkivs

    And here's the first mod on the S3!

    Unfortunately since I was taking the pic with my iphone I couldn't show the iphone in the cradle! It looks better than when it's empty!

    Although the S3 came with the ipod dock in the glove box it's a bit rubbish so I was going to go down the Xcarlink route again as I had one in the Golf which worked well.

    Anyone have any experience with the Xcarlinks in an S3? Just want to make sure you don't get that annoying "accessory connected" message when using the ipod feature when connected to the Xcarlink and that it charges ok.

    I'm hoping to get the clay bar, polish and wax out on sunday so will post some pics of the exterior after giving it a good going over.
  2. Oh and while it's still clean, here's a pic of the important bit:
  3. wez3570

    wez3570 Member

    Nice purchase mate.

    4mo pics are wicked!

    How did u get on with the swirls being removed?

    I have some too, need to find a good detailer near me.

    People moan about black cars but I actually quite enjoy cleaning it a couple of times a week.

    Neighbours are always making comments like..." you'll wash it away" and "it's getting smaller" lol
  4. Thanks. I loved the colour of that 4motion.

    I haven't even washed the car yet as it has already been back to Audi for a week to get a new air con compressor! Will be having a go this sunday hopefully. I fear it will need machine polishing which i'm a little bit apprehensive about doing myself!

    I see you have the black S3 grill. Got any pics? Think that's one that'll have to be done in the future.
  5. spencer361

    spencer361 Member

    I bought the xcarlink with optional bluetooth, that way you don't have to hardwire the iphone, have it where ever you want in the car and use it like a normal ipod. Also good when using your iphone as an actual phone.
  6. Hi Spencer, yes I had it working like that in the mk4.

    Can you confirm that when it's connected via the cable you don't get the "accessory connected" screen and you can still control the ipod feature through the phone?
  7. spencer361

    spencer361 Member

    I cant remember to be honest. I think it does say that, thats maybe why I tucked it all behind the unit and just use the bluetooth.....

    I remember only being able to select playlists on the head unit e.g. selecting a CD lets you play a playlist
  8. Ok, there is a way around the "accessory connected" problem which involves Jail Breaking the iphone. Didn't really want to have to get in to all that.

    I've emailed Xcarlink about it so will see what they say.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2011
  9. spencer361

    spencer361 Member

    oh right i didn't know that... not too keen on that either. Let me know your findings!

    Or otherwise it might be time for an RNS e mk2 with SD cards

    I wish
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  11. Update: The Xcarlink is installed and seems to be working as described. Just need to fit the mic for the bluetooth module.

    Also bought myself a set of the MY11 rears and fitted them this eve. Cue obligatory rear end photos:
    One light fitted for comparison:
    Both done and looking more up-to-date:
    Think I now need some LED rear number plate lights:

    Yes it needs a wash!

    If anyone can recommend some LED rear number plate lights that'd be appreciated.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2011

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