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My Experience with APR Stage 2+ V3.4 vs the old versions

Aviry Nov 13, 2013

  1. Aviry

    Aviry Member

    Hi all,
    my s3 has been stage 2+ on APR for some time, and i was able to log it every once and a while…
    last 2 month were interesting, i had the chance to move to 3.31 and then to 3.4, i made some graphs to show some of the differences, which are 100% backing the feeling i have from the new version. i was thinking to write a bit more, but all i can say is that 3.4 feels like a big turbo car, 4000rpm and adobe is just nuts!

    look at the differences on boost MAF and timing:


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  2. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    thats a chunk of boost there..
    imagine thats going to shove you in the back...

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