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My Day at R-Tech

jdas03 Aug 2, 2010

  1. jdas03

    jdas03 Member

    Hi All,

    Today i spent the day at R-Tech with a friend getting a stage one remap for his AMK S3 210bhp.
    Thought i would share his and my thoughts on the day!

    Firstly arrived slightly early which didnt seem to matter, made us feel very welcome, had a quick chat about the car and then they got it on the ramp for inspection!
    They did usual logging on vag-com as i have heard all tuners do!
    But they also performed a really thorough look at the car, spending alot of time checking everything!
    Myself and my friend, both very impressed!

    They then went for the first rolling road run.
    The car was totally standard under the bonnet, we were expecting as it was 9 years old it would have lost a fair few horses!

    On the rolling road as it went i noticed (forgive me im not massively technical) liquid which i thought was unburnt fuel dripping from the exhaust...

    Anyway the results came back at: 206bhp at the flywheel and 168bhp at the wheels, and 188 Torque at the flywheel and 167 at the wheels.

    We were pretty impressed it had kept all of its horses, though lost a bit of torque somewhere...
    Then then ran more checks on the car and went to map it.

    Once this had been done more checks were run and then the rolling road with the new map!
    The new results were: 235bhp at the flywheel and 196bhp at the wheels and 234 torque at the flywheel, 210 at the wheels.

    after the map we were told there were a few things preventing it from reaching full boost or load requested from the map:

    - Fault code - 17863 - EGT sensor (G235) impalusible signal - This was pre map diagnosed, after the map there was no code, but said to take it to Audi to check - Not sure what it is or how urgent?

    - The car was fueling higher than lambda values which was suspected to be a dodgy Maf, so he needs to replace that.

    - The DV makes alot of noise, sounds like a proper dump valve when changing gear, its like my mates imprezza!! I am guessing it shouldnt be this loud? And we were also told to change to a 007p yellow spring valve.

    - Panel filter was also advised, and bought today - Makes a lovely noise!

    - and an N249 also recommended (which im not sure what it is :-S)

    All in all R-Tech were fantastic, spent near 3 hours on the car all for half the price of most main stream maps, and to me (although perhaps the figures are low?) The car seems very quick now!
    The map is brilliant, no massive spike it pulls like a train throughout the revs!

    When i finally get round to my own S3 i will be using them!!

    Any comments or advice on the faults or figure would be more than welcome!

    Many thanks :-D
  2. Sandip

    Sandip Well-Known Member Team Nogaro Blue

    Good to hear that your car is feeling nice to drive, i'm surprised it didn't make more than 235bhp and 234lbs torque though, my standard S3 made 221bhp and 242lbs torque.

    Have you got any mods on yours, filter, exhaust etc
  3. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    Glad your happy with it, like said the standard figures seem a tad low, especially the torque, it been regualry serviced?
  4. jdas03

    jdas03 Member

    had a piperworks pannel filter in there now, that was put in after the map.
    I was slightly surprised too if im honest! As said above there are apparently a few things holding it back from having more power, but i thought it would achieve more after such a sucessful pre map run on the RR.

    Its the Torque that suprised me most, i have seen much higher "claims" by people like revo that what i got, however these are only claims!
    Would like to hear a few thoughts on the outcome and comparisons with other people.
    I wonder if the problems detailed such as fitting 007p would bring it up to what was expected from a stage 1?
  5. jdas03

    jdas03 Member

    Yer i dont know what could be holding the Torque down so low, anything you see from the list of additions that might fix that?
    007p perhaps?

    It has been serviced regularly and only about 5 months ago had a big 80k service...
  6. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    Definately the maf, they can cause so much trouble, the oo7p will only help if your old dv is buggered, if it isnt then it wont add/gain you anything to be fair, people only change to them as you can adjust the internal spring and also take them apart to service them.
  7. jdas03

    jdas03 Member

    Ah right thanks for that! i thought it might be! they also told us (should have been done at the major service) that the fuel filter is stuffed and need a new one, so my mate have ordered one off Euro car parts, that could add to it!
    So the MAF should bring it up to around the expected 240/250ish BHP and 250torque?
    The DV does sound odd, sounds like a scooby dump valve so probably wise to get a 007p and see how it goes!

    Thanks for the info Dani!

    Any more information or comparisons more than welcome!
  8. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    logs with vagcom done during the dyno run? that confirms MAF health or not. (should see 200g/s)
    implausable egt sensor can cause fuel dump and excessive rich conditions, R-Tech should know this.. if the fault occured during the run.
    block 112 shows fuel dump when it occurs.. and egt's to confirm, again, the dyno and logging during should show this

    Standard: 206bhp at the flywheel and 168bhp at the wheels, and 188 Torque at the flywheel and 167 at the wheels.
    Remap: 235bhp at the flywheel and 196bhp at the wheels and 234 torque at the flywheel, 210 at the wheels

    gains of 29bhp @ flywheel, 28bhp@wheels, 46lbft
  9. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member

    as for that dv, it really shouldnt be sounding like an impreza, you shouldnt hear it much at all.

    check the dv is actually intact and functional then check its getting a usable vacuum signal. not really much more to it
  10. Hadders

    Hadders Member

    So, after many a moon, I'm going to finally post on the forum. Been an avid "spectator" for a while now!

    I was the chap with the S3 that ran after your mates yesterday :)

    Thought I'd throw in my 2p worth on my experience too. Like jdas03 I turned up a little early and managed to catch the end of his mapping.

    First up, a big thanks to Nick at R-Tech!

    So I went up on the rollers with my AMK S3 and managed to run 204bhp and 191lb/ft at the flywheel (just down on bhp and just up on torque compared). Mine was stock apart from a Forge 007p and a Green panel filter. All seemed to be running pretty well so the mapping commenced. This is where it got interesting. It turned out that the first owner of the car had opted for the Revo trial many moons ago. Of course this inevitably lead to Nick having to completely wipe and bring back to full standard the ECU. Fortunately as he now deals with Revo he had all the kit he needed to remove the offending map. After that the new map was put on and the results were in: 237bhp and 246lb/ft. Not bad when it's being run with a 24.2 degree ambient temp I reckon.

    Then of course came the extra advice from Nick on next steps. He had noticed and printed out a graph of what appears to be a dodgy reading from the MAF. What it was expecting was consistently higher than what it was reading so it's still slightly down on what it could be. Probably culprit: original MAF (80k miles on it!). Will purchase a new one this week and fit at the weekend. I was also running the green spring in the DV so have just ordered a yellow one from Forge direct and will do that at the same time. He also mentioned the removal of the N249 valve for me too. Might have a look at doing that at the same time, though I'll need to get me a hose for that job. He also pointed out a slight (very slight) blowing coming from the centre section of the original exhaust. Could well be time for me to upgrade to stainless after all...

    As for describing the map, the power delivery is very different. It seems to deliver much more smoothly than my "stock" map. You could be forgiven for thinking that the power increase isn't as big as the graph points out. Until you check the speedo! The mid-range punch is just so much better. I'll get my graph scanned when I'm back at work in a couple of days and post it up for those that are interested.

    All in all, I am a happy panda. I can't recommend Nick and R-Tech enough, especially for what it cost me. Only problem now, is that I want to keep spending! Hehe.
  11. jdas03

    jdas03 Member

    Glad to hear yours went so well.
    pretty good figure.
    The map seems to have got better overnight, went out for another go in the S3 today and it just pulls and pulls, absolutely incredible! My stock one feels like a dog now!!
    as for the EGT, got told that after the map the error code was gone, but any further concerns take it to a vag specialist and explain.
    As for the MAF readings, not sure what hadders got, but i was not told about the gs logged on vag com or not (limited tech knowledge probably meant they didnt explain it to me) All that was said is that there is a suspected issue with the MAF and i should replace, they said about some fluctuations. It is original and i suspose could by why my torque figure currently lacks?

    Overall as detailed in the first post, once i have those issues delt with i should be getting 100% from the map! looking at hadders figures im guessing we well both see around 245 bhp and 255lb/ft? sound around in line with all other stage one maps?

    As for DV, a new panel filter was put in after the map (just before i left) each time i change gear i hear a dump sound similar to that of an imprezza, very very noticeable. I am guessing this shouldnt be like this then? R-Tech did say i need a new DV, perhaps the sound is it telling its on its last legs?
  12. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    check your TIP regarding the excessively loud DV! when i bought my car i discovered there was a hole in the pipe just below where the oil breather plums in, the noise was fairly loud. once id bought a replacement the noise had vitually gone, its really really quiet now. I hope this is the problem and its a simple fix for you :)

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