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My Custom Code Experience.......

Discussion in 'Custom-Code UK' started by vrbob, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. vrbob

    vrbob Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!

    Jun 19, 2007
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    I was asked to give a quick write up on my experience of the mobile remap service offered by Custom Code,

    I called Custom Code before Xmas to find out about the remap service after a quick conversation i booked myself in for Jan 12th 08 to get the Phase 1 remap, Forge 007P and a green panel filter this all had a 30% discount and the mobile service was free.

    On the saturday the guys from JBS were at my house by 3:20pm (not bad concidering the journey they had).
    The guys were very efficient and had installed the Forge and the Filter in 20 mins making sure all my hoses were nice n tight. They plugged in their laptop and started the car to make sure all was working ok. After they gave my car the thumbs up they proceeded to remap the car, after the remap we all got into the car and we went for a 15min drive so they could monitor the performance via the laptop.

    I informed them that i use V Power fuel so they tweaked the settings a little to represent that. I gave the car a quick blast up the motorway and the pull through all the gears was much better and it pulled hard all the way to the redline.

    All i n all the whole process took about an hour and i was very happy with the results i got.

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  3. Custom-Code HQ

    Nov 10, 2007
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    Thank you very much for the post! Always puts a smile on my face to hear a customer is happy for what we have done!

    If there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to give me a call on 01246 455004

    Custom-Code Team
  4. motorboy20

    motorboy20 New Member

    Jan 27, 2008
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    hi all just wanna say how plzd so far i am with my custom code remap,which was done at my work place by lee and james,after pluggin there laptop into the works power,(battery flat) ha ha they proceeded to up load there map,after that i then took the car out for a spin and wow... its totally transformed the car boost is very strong,cums in earlier,wot else can i say but so far no problems and a fantastic job,so happy with the car now cheers guys dave

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