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my block has a crack bad times

laner Mar 2, 2013

  1. laner

    laner A3 1.8T (AGU)

    hi all my agu block has a crack in it i think that the aum one would fit but is there anymore that will fit? cheers
  2. Lewis583

    Lewis583 Active Member VCDS Map User

    AGU, AUM, AUQ, BAM, AMK, APY, AYP, the blocks (and crankshafts too I think) are pretty much all the same. The pistons/conrods/compression ratios vary between these listed engine codes though, so retain your AGU conrods/pistons if they aren't damaged.

    Avoid using the longitudinally mounted 1.8t block though, found in the likes of Audi A4/A6, VW Passat.

    Out of interest, where is the crack on your block? What caused it? Pics?
  3. laner

    laner A3 1.8T (AGU)

    cheers m8 i have not got any pics not yet lol but i was told that if i took coilpack and sparkplug out try turning it over and if water comes out of it then it would be a crack in cylinder and it did in number 4.
    it started with me driving then something went bang then a cloud of smoke came out the exhuast then the car would not start so i rang the bloke that remap it and he said its prob oil cooler so change that then water was still getting in oil and car would try to start but wont i done the water pump not long ago done head gasket cambelt head skim valves sills done i have wasted to much money on it now wife has had enough of it but shes got me a mk3 golf 2.0 16v gti? so im going to wait till found are up and get new block.
    the car i have is a3 1.8t(agu) with k04 setup but it was boosting at 2bar the remap bloke keep saying its this and that but ive changed stuff and it stayed at 2bar so could this mean its his chip that making it boost to high ive have not drove it hard or anything just steady cheers
  4. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Sounds like your rods went for a walk.... @2 bar

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