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My B6 Avant Quattro 1.8T 190 Sline progress thread

Avantsline Jan 27, 2013

  1. Avantsline

    Avantsline Member

    Thought I'd start a thread after deciding to keep the beast for at least the next year or so and to make a few little changes along the way.

    I picked her up in august, owned a long string of vauxhalls previously, my son was born and I had an astra vxr so naturally a bigger car was needed, and so far the Audi has been my best car purchase to date.

    The day I collected;


    Since then just been enjoying her and the usual maintenance etc.

    I had planned to sell as my Mrs passed her test and we got her a little car, I have a van for work so didn't need 3 cars but the prices I was offered led me to just keep her as a daddy wagon.

    A few thousand miles later and a few problems came to light, the coolant warning went off one morning and nearly none in the tank, had to drill the old bleed screw out as someone had snapped it trying to remove and it started to seep. the removal led to a few bits entering the system so I flushed it out and renewed with g12+.

    Then the oil smell started found the cam cover gasket leaking so I had a topran one ordered, I failed to do my research and didn't know to avoid this brand so I will replace shortly. The dipstick had also shattered so that was fixed.

    I still have the oil smell, the gasket is sound atm so after researching I believe the brittle crankshaft breather has shattered so I've ordered some 19mm heater hose and a joiner to do the diy fix.

    Other than that I have replaced fuel filter, air filter, pollen filter, oil filter, oil, rear discs and pads, spark plugs & x4 coil packs . Got a pipercross panel filter waiting to go on, silver indicator bulbs and the bulb kit once received from T8ups.

    First mod so far;


    Currently speaking to T8ups about some brighter bulbs, The car has the light pack, something like 23 interior bulbs and a few for the front/numberplate.

    Out enjoying the Quattro once the snow came ;)


    Not so fortunate Bmw!

    My Plans so far are to get the oil pick pipe replaced, brake fluid, front brakes, gearbox oil, rear diff oil, Rs4 sway bar, 4 wheel alignment, (maybe forge 008 valve still undecided), milltek or custom exhaust to fill the bumper trims, remap, tints, engine covers and some other cosmetics.

    Hope you like :)

    Updates to come!
  2. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Nice one, love the gloating BM pic :icon_thumright:
  3. Jp-tqs

    Jp-tqs Member

    Liking it mate, definatly keep it! You have some nice plans for it and im intrested to see you exhaust plans, my cars much like yours and the tips just dont quite fit! Oh and top bmw fail pic.

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