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My Audi A3 1.8T - Project A3

mrdubberdubber May 28, 2011

  1. mrdubberdubber

    mrdubberdubber New Member

    Hi all,
    I have owned my facelift A3 1.8T for just over two months now. This is what it was like when I got it - brought it back washed it,clayed,polished, glazed and waxed.

    I have since done a few subtle mods:
    Debadged rear
    C5W LED number plate lights
    501 LED front sidelights
    h7 LED front foglights
    Stubby Aerial
    New number plates as the old ones were grubby

    I also purchased this, an S3 grill

    Plan was to fit to my standard bumper but was told this was a no go. So me being me I thought I'd see if my local bodyshop could
    make it fit!! sadly that didnt materialise as the work involved was too much.
    Front bumper was quite badly stone chipped, and the rear scuffed so I opted for a full respray of both bumpers. Whilst the car was
    at the bodyshop I decided to spray the front grill gloss black - chrome outer surround and the Audi rings. This was the result:
    I like it, different and breaks up the front, the chrome is too much in my opinon.

    Also purchased these for some other minor spots:

    Debadge time....Before:

    Plan is to lower and get some BBS CH, 8s front 9's rear for some nice stance. Then its under the bonnet mods (nothing major).

    Thanks for looking.........
  2. DenCar

    DenCar Member

    Nice, looks great. Get more pics up when its lowered and with the new wheels.

  3. MUSH

    MUSH MUSH Developments Ltd.

    Nice!! Ive got an S3 and i didnt even know the grille was different! haha
  4. Foufdog

    Foufdog New Member

    Hey there Mr Dubber Dubber, that wax job is mint. I know this is an old post so wondering if you still own the same A3 or if you have upgraded or swapped it in by now?

    I have just recently bought one and so came across your post, mine has a few little scrapes here and there so I am going to touch them up then after seeing your cleaning example here, realised my little Aldi is crying out for a good clean and wax.

    Can you let me know what clay, wax etc you used or still use and I have only ever waxed a few cars just with some Turtle wax in the past and by hand, wax on wax off style!

    Thanks bud and hope the car is still going strong for you and interested in any pics you have since this post.

    Happy New Year :thrashi:

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