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My Audi 2010 A3 2.0TDI 140CR Black Edition - In White

TDI_TIM Aug 12, 2013

  1. TDI_TIM

    TDI_TIM Top Gear

    Good morning all,

    I'm new to this forum but not new to the car scene or forums! So thought I'd start a new thread saying hi.

    My previous car was a Seat Leon Cupra R and the mod list was extensive... a little link to my previous build thread;
    Tim's Yellow Leon Cupra R (now 280bhp 313lb Torque) - SEAT Cupra.net - SEAT Forum
    I was running 280BHP and 313ftlb Torque all from the 1.8T engine :)

    Now I have to be a bit more sensible and I have decided to go for a diesel. I love the Audi S3's and once I found that the Black Edition is basically the diesel version of the S3 (in terms of extras, interior, alloys etc... not the bodykit/brakes before someone pipes up!) I knew that I had to have one. I was looking around for a number of months as I was still unsure whether to get the 140 or 170 and then whether to get the FWD or Quattro (although its a haldex so not real Quattro)

    After a few months researching and talking to friends (mechanics) it seemed that the 140 FWD Manual was the best option in terms of tuning capabilities, smoothness in the ride, no DSG etc..

    My GF has a Golf MK5 GT TDI 140PD and the difference between the two is unreal. The PD is louder more "diesel" like and my CR is a lot quieter both inside and outside the car. My CR is also a lot smoother in terms of driving but hers is faster but that's because hers is remapped to 189bhp and 330ftlb torque! So I will be getting a stage 1 asap!

    I have posted another thread about mods etc..

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