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  1. Offtrack4Speed

    Offtrack4Speed New Member

    :blackrs4: This is my girl Monike A3 "See Picture" Was dipressed because this is my second month in The cayman Islands and I ws missing all my family and especially my friends from Back home, so I went to a local Junk Yard and there she was So she is mine now. There is a catch The cayman Islands were totally under water during hurracane Ivan. So yes She was totally Floded with Water. Now just any water but salt Water. Grrr Don't Call me an idiot just yet. LOL The Interiors arein good condition because I am broke I only got a limmied amount of tools this time. So far I've only changed the Oil "The Engine was Full of water" and removed covers and stuff on wensday I am buying a batery to see if it turns. Can't use my Work van batery "Is complicated" Any way if it turns Well 1/3 of the battle is done if it doesn't I think Plan B Would Follow. "Buy a wrecked can in the US "Did I mention she is right hand drive?" Oh I do not have the key and the trunk lid is locked Any body know how to get in there? Does it have a pull somewhere in the inside? I've tried pulling trims out but cant get to the lock. I want to do this to remove all the interior for cleaning and damage control. another big problem is that I went to The local Audi dealer and they told me the Key cost $200 CI Local Currency about 240 USD but they said that the key has to be programed and they wount do it because the car was flooded and can damage there machine. Is this true? Can it be overitten? Any advices would be very apressiated! Thanks!
  2. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    In the unlikely event that water hasn't got into any of the electronic control modules and the boot hasn't been deadlocked, then when you reconnect the battery, lock and then unlokc the doors from inside and the boot should unlock too. The truth of the matter is if water has got into the control units inside the car, its unlikely anything will work.
  3. Onlyme

    Onlyme Member

    Seeming as your in The cayman Islands, i would have thought you would have had more of a laugh with a speedboat

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